New Festival Dates

New Festival Dates – BIFFF 2022 After two particularly hard years for culture, 2022 will definitely… +

Award Winners 2021

BIFFF PALMARES 2021 INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION Jury: Mike Mendez, Alexandre O. Philippe, Nabwana IGG, Milan Todorovic Golden… +

Closing ceremony

La cérémonie de clôture débutera le 18 avril à 18h. De openingsplegdigheid zal op 18 april… +

5th International ART Contest

5th International ART Contest  15/04/2021 Many candidates will execute their artwork for the festival audience with… +

BIFFF Events & Challenges

BIFFF CHAT ROOM​ Open from 2PM till 3AM (except for the NIGHT & CLOSING EVENT) Find… +

Opening ceremony

  La cérémonie d’ouverture débutera le 6 avril à 19h. De openingsplegdigheid zal op 6 april… +

A word from the Board

An online version of the festival fundamentally goes against its DNA. The BIFFF wants to be… +

Online Program

Programme Online >>> Online Programma >>> Online Program >>>

Carl “Charel” Cambré

The BIFFF is proud to present the new poster of our 39th edition designed by Carl… +


Regulations & submissions Short Films Submissions are open Regulations & submissions Short Films National Short Film… +

Press Release

Dossier de Presse 2021 Cliquez ici Persdossier BIFFF 2021 Klik hier Press kit BIFFF 2021 Click… +