Some questions about the BIFFF ? You can probably find the answer here.


There are many ways to come to and to leave the festival!  – How to get there

Please note that the BIFFF cannot be held responsible for your trajectories, so be careful!

The festival returns to its usual dates and will take place from April 11 to 23, 2023

The festival is forbidden to persons under 16 years old unless otherwise indicated.

The access to the festival site is free. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the festival and take part in the theater animations, the body-painting and face-painting contests, the Art BIFFF and its exhibition, the Comics Land and the autographs of its artists, Claire’s stand and her silk-screen prints, the Questions & Answers (meetings between guests and the public), or take a look at the festival bar, etc.

Yes, the Heysel stage and these palaces are equipped for people with reduced mobility. Get discounts when you buy tickets at the cashier’s booth with proof of identity.

There are several car parks around Brussels Expo:
→ Brupark car park (Parking T)
→ Brussels Expo parking B
→ Brussels Expo parking C: accessible from exit 7A of the Ring
→ Trade Mart parking Price: on average €10
→ Charging stations: Parking Buro Market, Greenfly BE, Atomium and Allego

Tickets & Prices

The entrance to the festival (BIFFF Village) and most of the animations and events are free (and even some screenings)

Free animations: BIFFF Expos, Make-up Contest, Art Contest, Freaky Faktory, Q&A: Questions & Answers

On the 12/04 the entrance will be free for the 18-25 years old within the limit of available places! (Please come to the “Accreditations” stand 1 hour before the desired event).

Prices depend on the day and time of the film:

  • Films on 11/04 and 23/04: 14 euros
  • Films at 14:00/16:30/23:59 at Ciné 1 and 12:00/13:30/16:00/23:59 at Ciné 2: 9 euros
  • Films at 7pm/9.30pm at Ciné 1: 11 euros
  • Films at 8.30/9pm at Ciné 2: 10 euros
  • Short films at Ciné 2: 9 euros

On sale from 11/04/2023 to 23/04 at the ticket office in the village 30 minutes before the first film until 30 minutes after the last film

Tickets are not numbered and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Pre-sales are available from 27 March 2023 on the website or in the festival from 11/04/2022 at the Heysel – Palais 10 (Village – Cash desk)

Pre-sales are available until 1 hour before the screening concerned.

Pre-sales should be collected at the festival.

  1. Go to the BIFFF website (www.bifff.net)
  2. Click on Films -> Program
  3. Select one or more films to add to your shopping cart
  4. Pay your shopping cart
  5. Present your order at the festival cash desk to get your tickets

Yes, there is a discount for : Unemployed, Students, Disabled, +65

Only on site, NOT available online!

Please show proof of age when buying a ticket at the cash desk

More info

You can buy the subscription on the BIFFF website from 25/03/2023 for 240 euros.

There are different PASSes depending on the time of the day and the cinema. In all cases, they can only be purchased at the festival and not online. Also, they do not apply to the Opening and Closing, the Master Classes and The Night.

The Ciné 1 PASSES:

  • DAY PASS from 2pm to 4:30pm: 12 euros
  • EVENING PASS from 7pm to 9:30pm: 16 euros
  • HIGH FIVE PASS which allows one person to see 5 different films: 39 euros
  • HIGH FIVE STUDENT PASS which allows a student to see 5 different films: 30 euros
  • KAYAK PASS which contains 10 tickets for any film and any number of people in Cine 1.

Cine 2 PASSES:

  • DAY PASS from 1.30 pm to 4 pm: 12 euros
  • EVENING PASS from 6.30 pm to 9 pm: 14 euros
  • LATE NIGHT PASS from 9pm to 11:59pm: 13 euros

About the films

The films are in the original language with French, Dutch and English subtitles. For each film, we indicate in the following order: The country of origin, the audio language, and the available subtitles: England – English – SUB: EN / FR / NL

The short films are in the original language with English subtitles in most cases (or French in some cases). Some short films in English are unfortunately not subtitled.

The films are sorted by categories when you search on our website www.bifff.net, you will just have to select those on our ticketing service. They are also indicated in the schedule, the program, the catalog by color.

On the website, you will find the Guests pages

In the program these screenings are indicated with a pictogram of a person.

In the catalog, you will find the list of guests in the first pages and a page with the summary of the meetings in “Q&A“.

For each guest, there is a presentation of the film in the theater before the beginning of the film, a Q&A session with the public and a moment of signatures afterwards. The Q&A and signatures of Theater 1 will take place in the Q&A area in the festival village.

Absolutely not! A great way to find the movies according to your taste is to go to our brand-new WikiBIFFF site. Choose the classics you like and let us guide you.


Young people aged 18-25 will be able to go to the accreditation desk one hour before the desired session to get a free ticket.

This will be done with proof of identity and subject to availability, on Wednesday 12 April only. (18-25 inclusive)


The Vampire Ball took place on 22 April 2023 from 10pm to 6am. It is a totally free event. It starts with a concert by Douma TRPL GNRTN.

A make-up stand is available at a cost of 5 euros per make-up. There will also be stands selling accessories such as coloured lenses or fake vampire teeth.

A competition for the best costume will take place during the evening.

The first 100 people to come to the ticket office in costume will win a ticket to see “Renfiled” (at 7pm on 22/04 Ciné 1).

Places are limited.

The Night takes place on 15 April 2023 from 11.30 pm to 8 am.

The entrance price is 24 euros and includes 4 films and 4 shorts as well as a breakfast formula.

The films shown are: The Wrath of Becky, Kill Her Goats, V/H/S 99 and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

The shorts shown are: We Forgot About The Zombies, Gnomes, Venus and Nian.

THE MAKE-UP CONTEST is a make-up contest taking place on 16 April from 12pm to 10pm.

There are two categories: make-up with prosthesis and make-up without prosthesis.

To participate, you have to register on the BIFFF website and then the team will choose the most talented candidates for the final of the contest taking place during the festival.

The jury will choose three winners in each category. They will all win a prize which will be awarded at the end of the day in the BIFFF Village.

The BIFFF EXPO is an art exhibition that runs throughout the festival, from 11 to 23 April.

It is completely free.

The Freaky Faktory is a market of creators and craftsmen where there are also many animations such as axe throwing.

This event took place from 14 to 16 April.

PIX HELL is a video game competition organised by BIFFF and the European Centre for Alternative Culture.

The winning video game can be tested during the Freaky Faktory from 14 to 16 April

It is an art contest held from 12 to 20 April from 5.30 pm to 10 pm.

The candidates will have only 5 hours to do their work.

The works can be exhibited during the rest of the festival.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday 21 April at 7pm.

The prizes are as follows:

    • The 1st prize: Exhibition of 5 works during the next festival + materials offered by the Géant des Beaux-Arts.
    • The 2nd prize: Exhibition of the work at the Museum of Fantastic Arts in Brussels + materials offered by the Géant des Beaux-Arts.
    • The 3rd prize: Materials offered by the Géant des Beaux-Arts”.

The Guild: The Order of the Raven

Do you like the BIFFF? Help us to organize our next events by participating financially by joining our guild. This way you will also be able to enjoy many advantages.

The different statuses:

    • Warrior/ Gremlin: 20 euros
    • Guardian/ Dragon: 50 euros
    • Lady/ Lord/ Wizard: 200 euros

Send us the amount corresponding to your rank by transfer to the following account: ING BIFFF ASBL – IBAN BE84 3630 1263 1359 /BIC: BBRUBEBB

Please also provide the following information: name, e-mail and rank

If you have a sponsor, please also mention his/her name.

Warrior/ Gremlin:

  • Your name on the BIFFF website.
  • A badge with the effigy of your character of choice.
  • A ticket for Cinema 1 for the festival (except The Night, the opening and the closing).

Guardian/ Dragon:

  • Your name on the BIFFF website.
  • A badge with the effigy of your character of choice.
  • 2 cinema tickets for Ciné 1 for the festival (except The Night, the opening and the closing).
  • Possibility to participate in the draw to win a screen print of the BIFFF 2023.

Lady/ Lord/ Wizard:

  • Your name on the BIFFF website.
  • A badge with the effigy of your character of choice.
  • 2*2 cinema tickets for Ciné 1 for the festival (except The Night, the opening and the closing).
  • Possibility to participate in the draw to win a BIFFF 2023 screen print.
  • Access to the VIP bar for you and one person of your choice
  • A Gold Card that gives you VIP access to 5 films in Cine 1 (except The Night, the opening and the closing).


Yes, we can! This is the year when you will be able to take out your vintage BIFFF tokens, either to show off or to consume!

Yes, there is the Little Shop booth with BIFFF merchandising, which also hosts Claire from Clariscreen who sells screen prints (including the BIFFF one!) and Jobags who makes accessories himself, notably from recycled BIFFF tarps. There will also be the DVD stand, The Skull or the new Impact Souvenir film merchandise stand. And you’ll even have the possibility to buy a t-shirt with a BIFFF printed on before your eyes.

Please inquire at the festival’s cash desk or send an email to info@bifff.net

Yes, please leave your coats and bulky items in the checkrooms. They are located in front of Theater 1 near the exit.

No, with the exception of animals that are required to help people and that can be justified by a medical prescription and by notifying the organization via our social networks or info@bifff.net

The recording of films is strictly prohibited and this policy will be strictly enforced. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any electronic device they deem inappropriate.

The BIF Market is the festival’s professional market, where directors, producers, buyers, sellers, distributors and other representatives of the film industry meet (in person and online this year). More info at: www.bifmarket.net