Trieste Science + Fiction will host the 2015 Méliès d’Or !

Méliès d'Or

During the annual Federation cocktail in Cannes it was announced that: For 6 event-packed days in… +

30th Vampire Ball – Pictures

30th Vampire Ball (29)

19 April – Pictures

Puck Company - Closing Cerermony

BIFFF 2015 Awards

Frankenstein Poster

Long Features Competition The International Jury of the BIFFF 2015 represented by Richard Stanley, Andy Muschietti,… +

19th April

Big Game Poster

Yes, today is the last day. But, but, but… After metres of film containing avant-premieres, liters… +

32nd Make-Up Contest – Winners

Make-Up 1st Prize FX

Make Up Jury: Sylvie Arkel, Sandra Viqueray and Erwan Simon Amateur 3rd Prize : Van Aken… +

28th Body Painting Contest – Winners

28th Body Painting Contest 1st Prize

Body Painting Jury: Daphnée Beaulieu, Michel Devillers, Patryck de Froidmont, Edmond Jamoulle 3rd Prize : L’estampe… +

18th April – Pictures

Richard Staley Director - The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau

17th April – Pictures

33rd BIFFF 17 April (13)

18th April

The 29th Vampire Ball

Today we plunge into topicality: we talk about the climate warming and it’s malicious consequences in… +

16th April – Pictures

Melies Jury - Hong Kong Reception

17th April

The House at the End of Time

Attention: today’s the day of the dilemma’s! Do you chose the greeeaaaat buzz of The House… +

15th April – Pictures

33rd BIFFF 15 April (11)

16th April

Roaring Currents Poster

You’re a sceptic consumer who fears reality tv will look a lot like 1984 in the… +

14th April – Pictures

33rd BIFFF 14 April (15)

15th April


A small session of hypnosis with an extra dose of “ectoplasma”, does this sound good to… +

13th April – Pictures

Richard Stanley, Timo Vuorensola, Jonas Govaerts - International Jury

14th April

German Angst Poster

Today you can choose where you want to go: we can sent you to Asia, Europe… +

12th April – Pictures

Eihi Shiina Actress - The Ninja War of Torakage

13th April

Run All Night Poster

Wow! It smell like testosteron today: you can use some Reflex spray between El Nino, the… +

11th April – Pictures

Rémi Fréchette Director - Les Jaunes

ZomBIFFF Day & Night

ZomBIFFF Day'n Night (16)

12th April

Frankenstein Poster

Somehow managed to get some sleep? Great, that way you can enjoy our afternoon movies! Besides… +

10th April – Pictures

Sacha Feiner - La Dernière Porte au Sud - Méliès d'Argent Short Film Compeition

11th April


Come and join us! Starting at 11 ‘o clock we start at the Royal Park for… +

9th April – Pictures

Joe Dante Press Conference

10th April

Le Zombie au vélo

Today we will sing the song of our people, because we organize the Belgian Film Day… +

8th April – Pictures

Joe Chien - Zombie Fight Club

9th April

The Editor Poster

Have you steady sealegs? We hope so because with Haemoo, the last Korean Oscar candidate, you… +

7th April – Pictures

Joe Dante

8th April

La Isla Minima Poster

Here it iiiiiis: your marathon as a cinemaphile can finally start !!! We have a lot… +

7th April

Joe Dante

Ah, nice to see you all again! So, are you ready to scream, to howl at… +

A) Q&A 2015

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Programme 2015

Programme 2015



Not only the BIFFF feeds you with genre movies that chickens can’t stand, and that make… +

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