BIFFF 2014

For its 32nd edition, the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) returns to the Center for Fine Arts !

screenshot_spotTV_02A big premiere in 2014 : the FRONTIERES project, the first co-production market between Europe and North America destined for film industry professionals. But genre buffs know that the BIFFF also stands for two movie theatres, three spacious rooms for the creation of our festival village and, of course, the facial make-up & body painting contest, street theatre animation, the comic strip stand, more than 100 films in International, European or Belgian first screening, meetings with directors, actors, actresses and producers, a tidal wave of short features, the Belgian finale of the Cosplay Contest, a Fantastic Night  (4 movies with breakfast), a collaboration with Cinematek… and plenty of other surprises to embellish this gigantic film fest !

32nd BIFFF

32nd BIFFF Pictures – Part 2

32nd BIFFF Pictures – Part 2 [+]

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28th Vampire Ball

The 29th Vampire Bal

Saturday 19 April

GALERIES, 26 Galerie de la Reine 1000 Brussels

Make Up at BIFFF, 9pm – 1am, 3€

Presales here
Here it is… [+]

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Time Lapse Poster

19th April 2014

D Day: the comeback of the Vampire Ball (at GALERIES, 26 galerie de la reine 1000 Brussels)!
But before getting there, we’re presenting you with the live adaptation of Black Butler, the… [+]

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Witching and Bitching Poster

18th April 2014

What about a Belgian co-production where organs are donated without any consent whatsoever? Director Benoît Delépine and actor Philippe Nahon will present Ablations. This is followed by the new Iberian bombshell from our friend… [+]

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet

17th April 2014

Already the 10th day, and still a program that can dislocate your jaw. There’s the spectacular comeback of the Pang brothers in glorious 3D (Out of Inferno). Tony Jaa battles it out with RZA… [+]

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32nd BIFFF Programme

Fantastic you are …

… Our survey you will complete ? And grateful we’ll be ! Yoda

Click here

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29th Vampire Ball

Breaking News: Vampire Ball


New Place !!! Meet us at GALERIES  April 19th starting at 11pm!

Make Up at BIFFF for people in need of scars, niark niark niark …..

Where? 26… [+]

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The Profane Exhibit Poster

16th April 2014

3 words are enough to describe this day: The Profane Exhibit. In world premiere at the BIFFF … What else?

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32nd BIFFF

32nd BIFFF Pictures

Pictures of the 32nd BIFFF edition… [+]

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All Cheerleaders die

15th April 2014

A day starting with the sequel to Horror Stories can only become one hell of a day! Besides the lastest Vincenzo Natali (Haunter), Spanish cannibalistic luxury dining (Omnivores) and a big freaking surprise from… [+]

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Lloyd Kaufman’s Make your Own Damn Movie Master Class

14th April 2014

This is a day that will balance between high-tech (the hair-raising techno-thriller Cold Eyes and viral; nerd vs monster in a multimedia superstore) and nostalgia: the comeback of Joey Haley Osment (who could see… [+]

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Cosplay Contest

13th April 2014

There is a strong smell of Asian spices hovering over the BIFFF today. Could it be the the Cosplay Contest? Or the prequel to the adventures of Detective Dee, coutesey of Tsui Hark? Or… [+]

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The Zero Theorem

12th April 2014

Did you sleep well? Are your caffeine levels up to the max? This is going to be one busy day: a Zombifff Parade starting with a football match between journalists and zombies at 2pm… [+]

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Liam Cunnigham

Liam Cunningham !

Maidens and squires, on behalf of the seven gods, please graciously welcome Sir Liam Cunningham, or should we say Sir Mervault Davos, Stannis Baratheon right arm (yes yes, in Game of Thrones!). For the… [+]

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Giancarlo Giannini

11th April 2014

Let’s start chanting the National Hymn. It’s Belgian Film Day! 21 home grown short features, followed by the long feature hatrick of Tombville, Soulmate and Let Me Survive. But it’s not all mutant mussels… [+]

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Franco Nero

10th April 2014

You’re going to pull out your hair out today! There’s just too much choice! What about spine chilling horror with Béatrice “Betty Blue” Dalle (Among The Living)? Or the new psychedelic delirium of Nick… [+]

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The apostles Poster

9th April 2014

Ready for some hundred films in première? Our fantastic marathon starts with a monster in the Norwegian fjords (Ragnarok), a nasty cyborg (The Machine), a bloodthirsty Discopath, grilled… [+]

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poster 2014

8th April 2014

You had 362 days to recover from the previous edition. Or 8688 hours of nostalgia to remind you of the unique atmosphere of the BIFFF, 521,280 minutes of unsustainable waiting before taking possession again… [+]

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