Scandalous & Fantastic


Scandalously fantastic! Euro Millions is at the BIFFF again this year and has a little surprise… +

30th Vampire Ball

30th Vampire Ball

Saturday 18 April They say that when you become thirty you stop being restless, prefer to… +

ZomBIFFF Day & Night – 2015

32nd BIFFF

11 April 2015 ZomBIFFF’lympics Rules and Regulations Price: 3€ per player to be paid on the… +


Dinh Van FX ArtBIFFF 2015

Zombies and Other Strange Paintings Hell at the gates! What is the place of the zombie… +



Les Désaxés “Archam and his Uruluki” Archam, rare creature tamer extraordinaire, has crossed all oceans, climbed… +

Script writing contest BIFFF


Since 2014 the BIFFF houses the European edition of the International Coproduction Market Frontières, a film… +

32nd Make-Up Contest – 2015

1st Special FX Prize 2014 - Cindy Durand

Free make-up contest : open to everyone ! Beginners, amateurs or semi-professionals, join us and let… +

28th International Body Painting Contest

1st Body Painting 2014

Organised in collaboration with Fardel Cosmetics The International Body Painting Contest is an important festival event,… +

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Frontieres 2014

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival joined forces with the International Fantasia Festival to expand its… +

Poster 2015

poster 2015

You just have to take one look at this year’s poster to realize that Jean-Claude Servais… +

Regulations & Forms – 2015

Hello, If you want to submit your long feature film (we only accept Belgian short features)… +