Bifff Market

2nd edition of the only genre film market for professionals in Europe

Édition 2018: 03 April – 15 April @BOZAR

36th Brussels international fantasy, fantastic, thriller and science fiction film festival


Welcome to one of the biggest fantasy film festival in the world.

Welcome to the Hall of fantasy, gore, science-fiction, thriller and surrealism.

Welcome to a world on its own, a dreamlike portal rooted at the heart of the capital of the European Union. This is where, amongst exhibitions, ghoul entertainment, magical creatures who haunt the place or the famous Vampire Ball, more than 150 movies are shown for the first time in 3 heated and comfortable screening rooms.

Welcome to an arena entered by Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, William Friedkin, Park Chan-Wook and many more. Welcome to a magical site where more than 50 000 people gather together each year to enjoy an experience that is unique in the world!



Submissions are open
– Feature Film & Short Film – Closed
– 31st Body Painting Contest – Open
– 3rd Art BIFFF Contest – Open
– VR and Games Content – Open


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