Animations 2023

11.04.23 – OPENING : Les Zinsectes
12.04.23 – Manufactor – Amazones
12.04.23 – Bonimenteurs (Collège Matteo Ricci)
13.04.23 – Vernack – Orcs & Gobelins
14.04.23 – Manufactor – Le Peuple
15.04.23 – Magic Land Théâtre
16.04.23 – La Flamme Noire – Les Khajiits
17.04.23 – Chez Maman
18.04.23 – HS Hypnospear
19.04.23 – MaCéNiMa
20.04.23 – Trollandia
21.04.23 – Kaernunos – Nécromancien
23.04.23 – CLOSING : Puck Company


Les Zinsectes

Three “Zinsects”, sympatheticly disquieting characters, roam around on the backs of the actors that manipulate them. Strange, curious, and enthousiastic, they explore their urban or rural surroundings, discovering and playing with what they find. Discreet music, coming out of nowhere, envelops their movements so they can surprise their audience around a bend in the road, or somewhere on a street, inviting them to a dance.

Manufactor - Amazones

Amazons all dressed in grey march on towards their ritual. They dance and enter into a trance. Hecate guides and protects them, they are her servants. Behold their ancient rites in complete fascination. Hear how the Goddess speaks through them. Can you hear her calling?

Bonimenteurs (Collège Matteo Ricci)

Who are all these people who don’t always feel well in their own skin and in their own head? Where do they come from? Nobody knows. But if they’re in our dimension, there’s no doubt that Hell is on Earth… Because Hell is everywhere. Sometimes in diabolical form, sometimes in a much more vicious and devious form: in our brains. This small and complex gray matter is fascinating, and the more it is affected, the more human we really become! ATTENTION: this time it’s certain that more than a few spectators will not come out of this extraordinary experience unscathed. Because the sick souls we’re talking about here are the pupils of the Matteo Ricci high school! And if that’s not enough, they’ll also exhibit the posters they created especially for the BIFFF. So, come and have a look!

Vernack - Créatures - Orcs & Gobelins

The Waaagh is on the march!
Orcs and Goblins are waking up to challenge you. Are you ready to defend yourself?
The Ver’Nack is back with his old love: the Greenskins.

Manufactor - Le peuple

They’re everywhere, lurking in the shadows, spying on your every movement, on the lookout for the slightest waste you leave behind on your path, ready to compulsively collect it all. But why? Because they live on it! They adore, honor and worship your garbage. If you meet them, their eyes will question your acts of pollution and their rituals will perhaps upset your consumption habits. Because they have understood that nothing is lost and that everything is transformable. That each object has the right to several lives. That beauty can be born from dirt and that life can spring from the improbable.

Magic Land

The BIFFF and the Magic Land Théâtre – now there’s two partners who have travelled a long way together. Sometimes, this trip has involved a rubber dinghy and a human sea! To be honest, after working together since the very beginning of the festival, the Magic Land Théâtre has pretty much become part of the BIFFF furniture. How could one forget all those zany animations that have marked the festival over the course of the years?

La Flamme Noire - Les khajiits

The khajiits. “The minstrels with velvety paws”. Here comes the company of the khajiits, accompanied by their great king, who in reality is none other than their clan leader who has allegedly suffered a severe blow to the head in the past and who has ever since been completely out of his mind! Traveling from village to village they play their street art to amuse by-passers, but beware! Do not be fooled by their courteous language for they are devious thieves whose velvety paws are quick and skilled at picking purses. Therefore, keep your moneybag close and pay attention to your valuables! Because the mad and deceitful king, or one of his minions, will take advantage of the fact that people’s attention is turned to the troubadour show in order to snatch the jewels of the poor.

Chez Maman

Chez Maman is the quintessential cabaret for drag shows in Brussels. Every weekend, Sugar Love and the girls of Maman perform on this mythical stage. When we say “stage”, we actually mean “bar”. Because at Chez Maman, the stage is the bar counter of the main room. But don’t they say size doesn’t matter? On this tiny piece of marble, magic takes place that hundreds of people come to experience every week.

H.S Hypnospear

Ludovic and Salima offer you through the HS HYPNOSPEARE collective a surprising animation in hypnosis. Let yourself be lulled by the power of your unconscious to live an unforgettable experience.


Eltanin is a cross between a demon and a dragon, but he’ll be attending the BIFFF in his humanoid form in order to avoid panicking the crowds with his true appearance. He’ll welcome you on Wednesday April 19, 2023.


The Trollandia creatures came straight out of world of Fables and somehow got lost on their way. It is by chance that they find themselves in the strange world of the Umans, a universe so different from what they’re accustomed to! By nature curious and mischievous, the Trollanders are delighted to discover new details every day about these strange beasts, without hair and horns, who call themselves Umans.
They resurfaced in 2019 as psychopathic troll children. This year they’re back as grown-up adults… and they haven’t mellowed with age!


Something cries out in the night… A huge skeleton approaches, followed by two clumsy necromancer apprentices… The skeleton seems uncontrollable, its acolytes lost. Can the BIFFF public help bring this creature back under control? See the animation team of Kaernunos in action on Friday April 21st and meet this gruesome trio!

Puck Cie

Unfortunately, they’re back. Crazier than ever and still as icky as an oozing scab, the Puck Company is all over your speakers. And with this sentence alone, the BIFFF will have to pay 2.6 mil € in royalties (that’s just the way we roll). A big shout-out to those who got the reference.
Anyway, this year, the Puck Company offers you a brand new show specially designed for the BIFFF, entitled “The happy wood elves on the go – special pole dance option vol. 2”.
We’re not gonna lie. We don’t know yet how all of this will go down. But their question “Is it bad if there’ll be guts on the floor?” didn’t exactly reassure us…
An almost intimate show, with only three artists… and a pole dance bar. But for the occasion, we only took those who had at least two arms left… We took the best of the best.
Not to be missed, a show that’ll blow you (or at the very least your hairpiece) away. Wild, serious, qualitative and respecting the codes of the BIFFF!