Poster 2024 – Werther Dell’Edera

In 1983, for its first ever poster, the BIFFF chose the Italian Guido Buzzelli and his eternal red moon. For its 42nd edition, the BIFFF – superstitious as a black cat passing under a ladder on Friday the 13th – has set its sights on Werther Dell’Edera, another outrageously talented Italian with an undeniably cinematic touch. Growing up on a diet of obsessive comics reading, Werther now ricochets between Italian fumetti and the US, where he has worked for DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse and BOOM! Studios (start feeling dizzy, do ya?). But it’s in 2019 that he literally explodes upon the scene with the horrific series Something is Killing the Children, which sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is set to be adapted for Netflix!

Affiche BIFFF 2024

And so, there you have it: a brand new red moon for the 42nd edition. Which will take place in 2024. Invert the last two numbers and you get 42. It all adds up. Take next February, which will have 29 days, a leap year, as was the case in 624. Add the total goal difference of the games played by the Red Devils for Euro 2024 – i.e. 13 – and you also get 42. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Let’s go back to the year 624. Add 42 and you get the number of the Beast, 666.  Why is that, you ask? Because 42 is the answer to everything…