International Short Films

Out of Competition

  • Saturday 2 April 8pm – Cine 3

  • 3€

Zéro m2

a film by Matthieu Landour
Cast: Anthony Sonigo, Silvie Laguna, Clémence Ansault, Majid Berhila, Rudy Mayoute
Screenplay: Nicolas Bovorasmy & Matthieu Landour
Music: Brains and Hunch
D.O.P.: Luis Armando Artega
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 19 min. / France
Contact: DCM

After many unsuccessful research, Paul is suddenly given a decent flat for an even decent rent. There’s just something fishy about that, no doubt…


a film by Prano Bailey-Bond
Cast: Albie Marber, Madeleine Hutchins
Screenplay: Anthony Flecther
Music: Max Jung & David Gawthorpe
Version: O.V.
2015 / 15 min. / U.K.
Contact: Soul Rebel Films

Doug, age 12, is investigating the disappearance of his father by watching horror VHSs…

Uncanny Valley

a film by Federico Heller
Cast: Marcela Sandra Ballestro, Steve Kisicki, Ivan Steinhardt, Agustin Olcese, Raymond Lee, Nicole Apstein
Screenplay: Federico Heller
Editing: Federico Heller
Music: Cyrille Marchesseau
D.O.P.: Nicolas Trovato & Fernando Lorenzale
SFX: Federico Heller
Version: Eng. O.V.
2015 / 8 min. 53 / Argentina
Contact: 3Dar

In the near future entire squats are filled with virtual reality junkies. But their addiction serves a sinister purpose.

Pulsion sangrienta (Sanguine craving)

a film by Gerard Tusquellas Serra
Cast: Paula Romeu, Elena Tarrats, Carlos Vicente, Roger Moreno, Inaki Mur, Silvia Sabate, Luis Posada
Screenplay: Pol Cortecans
Music: Xavi Pinol
D.O.P.: Marina Cano Royo
SFX: Sputnik Efectos Especiales
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 12 min. 48 / Spain
Contact: Escac Films +34.93.736.1555

Marc has make his first kill but he fears he won’t feel that “rush” he was expecting…

Portal to Hell !!!

a film by Vivieno Caldinelli
Cast: Roddy Pipper, Laura Robinson, Matt Watts, Jordan Todosey, Millie Davis, Clyde Whithan, Donald Tripe
Screenplay: Matt Watts
Music: Steve Greene
Version: Eng. O.V.
2015 / 12 min. 20 / Canada
Contact: Aircraft Pictures +1.416.536.9179

He was only asking for some peace and quiet so he could read a good book; but for it to continue, he’s going to have to face Cthulhu himself!


a film by Richard Karpala
Cast: Luke Sorge, Michelle Strickland
Screenplay: Richard Karpala
Music: Arni Valur
Version: O.V., Spa. st
2015 / 12 min. / U.S.A./U.K.
Contact: Wickiup Films

A man is assisted by the artificial intelligence on his smartphone to bury a corpse.

L’Encenedor Quantic (The quantum lighter)

a film by Pau Escribano
Cast: Ann Perello, David Verdaguer
Screenplay: Pau Escribano
Music: Claudi Herreros
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 5 min. 08 / Spain
Contact: Pau Escribano

A couple walks into a bar. The man walks out of the restroom and says he’s not himself anymore, because he’s from the Future!

Night of the Slasher

a film by Shant Hamassian
Cast: Lily Berlina, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar, Davis Swann, Eve Constance
Screenplay: Shant Hamassian
Music: Simon Michel
Version: O.V.
2015 / 11 min. / U.S.A.
Contact: Shant Hamassian

A teenager must commit horror movie-like atrocities so she can face a masked killer and defeat him!

  • Sunday 3 April 8pm – Cine 3

  • 3€


a film by Pavel Soukup
Cast: Vladimira Havlickova, Marek Pospichal, Josef Rarach
Screenplay: Petr Koubek
Music: Daniel Patras
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 23 min. 15 / Czech Republic
Contact: Jakub Kostal

Karel, a park ranger, rules severely but benevolently over the woods; but in these woods, a creature named Leshy awakens…


a film by John Fortson
Cast: Christie Lynn Smith, John Fortson, Abby Ryder Fortson, Deepti Gupta, Ayman Samman
Screenplay: John Fortson & Christie Lynn Smith
Music: Ed Alton & Bobby Moynahan
Version: O.V.
2015 / 18 min. 06 / U.S.A.
Contact: Candleridge Ent.

In a world where every adult can get a five-star rating system hanging above their heads, a mother ends up with only a 2,5 while everyone around her is a 4 or a 5.

Aun hay tiempo (Still in time)

a film by Albert Pinto
Cast: Javier Hernandez, Ariadna Cabrol, Ana Perez, Caye Casas, Jorge Yudice, Geoffrey Cowper
Screenplay: Albert Pinto
Music: Noel Nicolau
D.O.P.: Andreu Adam Rubiralta
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 16 min. / Spain
Contact: Escac Films +34.93.736.1555

To save his girlfriend, Ángel will have to escape the Maze of Space and Time…

El Pescador (The Fisherman)

a film by Alejandro Suarez
Cast: Andrew Ng
Screenplay: Alejandro Suarez
Music: Pablo Vega
D.O.P.: Pablo Burmann
Version: H.K. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 20 min. / Spain
Contact: Estirpe Pc, Santisteban y Osorio 18, 1F, E-24004 León, Spain

This poor fisherman is going to have to leave his home and fight what appears to be something out of this world!


a film by Pascal Thiebaux
Cast: Lionel Abelanski, Matthieu Clément-Lescop, Frédérique Bel
Screenplay: Pascal Thiebaux
Editing: Jérémy Pitard
Music: Mathieu Alvado
D.O.P.: Serge Benassutti
SFX: Pascal Thiebaux
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 12 min. 35 / Luxembourg/France
Contact: Zeilt Prods

The tooth fairy seems, to everyone, like a generous and benign creature, but what if that wasn’t the case?

Strangers in the night

a film by Conor McMahon
Cast: Niamh Algar, Michael Hough, Nora Relihan
Screenplay: Gavin Keane
Music: Paul McDonnell
Version: O.V.
2015 / 12 min. / Ireland
Contact: Fantastic Films

Two lonely people finally find love they had been looking for; and by “lonely people”, this means a lonely man and a banshee!

  • Monday 4 April 8pm – Cine 3

  • 3€

La Lisière

a film by Simon Saulnier
Cast: Ouidad Elma, Saïd Amadis, Samira Sédira, Cécilia Ngo, Kelly Tian, Jicey Carina
Screenplay: Simon Saulnier & Tom Gobart
Music: Alex Cortés
D.O.P.: Thierry Pouget
SFX: Mac Guff & Sébastien Drouin
Version: Fre. O.V., Eng. & Fre. st
2015 / 16 min. 34 / France
Contact: Gravity Films

In a not so distant future (unfortunately!), deep in the heart of the northern forest where anarchy reigns, a father and his daughter will have to survive

The invitation to Armageddon

a film by Paul Hough
Cast: Carlos Larkin, Nick Baumann, Robin Blackburn, Russell Isler, Trip Hope, Kate Walsh
Screenplay: Russell Isler & Nick Baumann
Music: Kenny Wood & Kahle McCann
Version: O.V.
2016 / 15 min. 44 / U.S.A.
Contact: Los Productions Llc,

In 1888 a band of monster hunters gets ready to face the Devil himself. The very first steam punk musical in world première!

Reunion (Tuolla puolen)

a film by Iddo Soskolne & Janne Reinikainen
Cast: Selma af Schulten, Janne Reinikainen, Riitta Havukainen
Screenplay: Iddo Soskolne & Janne Reinikainen
Music: Markku Kanerva & Pessi Levanto
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 15 min. / Finland
Contact: Bufo

Young Anja’s task is to accompany the dead from her hometown to the afterlife, comforting the newly deceased with a smile and good music…

Bunker Game

a film by Lionel Compte
Cast: Justine Thibaudat, Derek Robin
Screenplay: Lionel Compte
Music: Julia Pajot
D.O.P.: Benjamin Gonçalves-Martins
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 8 min. / France
Contact: Glass Town Films +33.6.6061.4297

A man is holding a young woman captive and forces her to play “Connect Four”: if she wins, she gets to eat…

Tanatopraxia (Thanatopraxy)

a film by Victor Palacios
Cast: Cristina Gallego, Andrea Carballo, Moi Camacho, Jaime Palacios
Screenplay: Victor Palacios
Editing: Victor Palacios
Music: Isabel Latorre
D.O.P.: Guillem Oliver
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2014 / 10 min. 54 / Spain
Contact: Victor Palacios

Mary needs a heart donor for her father. Luckily she works at the morgue.


a film by Olga Osorio
Cast: Marta Larralde
Screenplay: Olga Osorio
Music: Sergio Moure de Oteyza
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2015 / 14 min. 58 / Spain
Contact: Miss Movies

Kidnapped by a group of mysterious individuals, Andrea is now stuck in a temporal loop…