Dianne Leenders
General manager

General Manager BIFFF & BIF Market / Feature Film Programmer

Jonathan Lenaerts
Communication manager

Head of Press & Communication, Funding & Festiv’Art / Feature Film Programmer

Youssef Seniora
guest manager

General Coordination & Guest Manager, Feature Film Programmer

Chris Orgelt
Film manager

Head of Programming & Subtitling / Feature Film Programmer

Mari Pérez
Film Coordinator

Film Coordinator / Feature Short Film Programmer

Sissilia Dincuff
Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator  /Feature Film Programmer

Sander Rosseels
Subtitling officer

Subtitling & Funding Officer / Feature Film Programmer

Laura Van Caulaert
Social Media Officer

Social Media & Festival Off Officer

Thibault van de Werve
Short Film and Guests Officer

Short Film & Guests Officer / Feature & Short Film Programmer

Patrice Luwel
Accreditations Officer

Communication & Accreditations Officer  / Feature Film Programmer

Maxime Willemaers

Webmaster & Technical Coordination

Roxane De Quirini
Administrative officer

Administrative & BIF Market Officer

Ludovic Pillebout
marketing Officer

Marketing Officer

jean-marie Baratto
Logistics Officer

Logistics Officer

Auguste Honorez
Film Officer

Film Officer

BIFFF's Ghost
pranker officer

The Little pranker of the office

Raad van bestuur Peymey Diffusion V.Z.W

PeyMey Diffusion opgericht in 1979 door Georges Delmote, Guy Delmote & Thierry Lambotte.

Annie Bozzo


Margarita Lafata


Georges Delmote


Raad van bestuur BIFFF V.Z.W

BIFFF opgericht in 1983 door Annie Bozzo, Freddy Bozzo, Georges Delmote, Guy Delmote & Gigi Etienne.

Georges Delmote


Freddy Bozzo


Guy Delmote


Annie Bozzo


Raad van bestuur N.A.P V.Z.W

N.A.P. opgericht in 1987 door Annie Bozzo, Georges Delmote & Guy Delmote.

Guy Delmote


Annie Bozzo


Anne Bertolini