ZomBIFFF Day: ZomBIFFF’lympics

  • Saturday 15 April, 11am-4pm, Mont des Arts
  • Price: 3€ for each player (due the day of the event)
  • Number of players: 6 by team


Inscription must be done before the event through the mail zombifff2017@gmail.com. Send us your team’s name and the name and last name of your 6 zombies! You absolutely have to be 6 on the team for the inscription. You don’t have 6 dead friends?
Here what’s we propose:

  • make one
  • buy one

Once you’re there and you want to enroll? No problem! Our Info stand will happily welcome you. Sing up your Walkers for the competition and drool on the first price. You’ll also have the occasion to take a picture of your lovely faces for posterity.


The activities start at 11am with the arrival of the Olympic Flame at the Mont des Arts. It’ll obviously be carried by a zombie, so it may take some time to get there. Consider yourself warned! We will offer a warm-up to each team in order to avoid any fallen limbs on the field. During the activity, a personal coach will be with the team and can start the warm-up again if needed. It would be a shame to break a leg, no? The last team can register until 3pm. The closing and awards ceremony of the ZomBIFFF’lympics 2017 will be at 3:45pm. At 4pm the living dead will gather for the parade. The ZomBIFFF Parade will start at 4:30pm.

The game

When you arrive, go to the Info stand to register your team!
Once registered, each team will receive a card for the different trials:

  • Spine Throwing
  • Racing
  • Guts pulling
  • Attack on Humans
  • Arhythmic gymnastic

All accumulated points will go to the entire team. Be dead, but play fair. Put your team first and push it to the top. Each trial will be judged on 4 factors

  • The Sport point (if you have respected the rules)
  • The Performance point (if you obtain a good result despite all the blood on your feet)
  • The Zombie point (if you didn’t forget your true undead nature while trying to do better than the others)
  • Bonus point (if you make the jury laugh!)

After completing all trials, the teams will have to return to the Info desk with their card completed by the judge in order to be judged by the ultimate jury. A classification will happen in real-time.

The awards:

First prize, given to the team with the most points, will be a magnificent jelly brain! Other surprises will be in store for the second and third team on the podium.

The games:

  • Spine Throwing
    Strength, skills, courage… zombie contestants should be able to succeed the test of throwing spines. Need more explanation? Seriously? You take the spine and you throw it in front of you, as far as you can. Try not to loose an arm in the process
  • Run
    This is really simple, you just have to run 100 meters. And we’re being nice here, we’ve reduced the distance. What you’ll have to remember is that zombies aren’t all born equal. If some have the chance to be somewhat unbroken (or at least seem like it), for some others, it’s another story: one or 2 leg missing, guts dragging behind you, eyes pierced (but do they really need them?), one half-eaten arm… Don’t worry, it’s only a few meters it should be fine… At the beginning of the game, you’ll be given the dice of destiny, which will decide which part of your body you’ll be deprived off. You’d better pray it’s just an arm!!
  • Guts Pulling
    A poor screaming human, guts hanging out, is the object of a fight between two teams of dead contestants. Six on one side, six on the other side, one cord made out of guts: who’s going to win? A game of strength for teams. You’ll be asked to be kind to the poor screaming human. After all, he’s lending you his guts!
  • Attack on Humans
    The zombie contestants are hungry and they’re lucky. A group of humans are located at the end of the field. However, they won’t be very cooperative. Armed with sticks and stones, they are going to push the zombies away. Each time a contestant gets touched, he’ll have to go back to the starting point. Will the zombies demonstrate enough skills and dodge the stones?
  • Arhythmetic Gymnastics (New!!)
    The dead participants will have to reproduce, as best as they can, a choreography from the triple crowned champion of the zombie world of arhythmic gymnastics. She came especially from Chernobyl for this and handles her ribbon like no one else. A judge will evaluate the candidates, who’ll have some kind of tissue, to spice things up!
    Other surprises are in preparation, but one thing is for sure: if you still have something in your stomach at the end of all of this: these games are for you!
    Attention: Arhythmic gymnastics are not part of the zomBIFFF’lympic. Therefor your team will not earn any points from it.

Rules on how to behave like a good zombie

All trials must be executed as fairly as possible! Zombies YES but well-behaved zombies.
If you break the rules, the jury can subtract a point or disqualify you.
We ask that:

  • You respect the other team
  • You respect your team mate! a friend bought is a friend for life.
  • Do not bite your opponents
  • Be nice to the jury (biting the jury can disqualify you!)
  • You respect the rules of conduct
  • Do not throw your garbage, guts, cigarette butts or rotting organs on the floor nor you opponents and certainly not the judges.
  • Keep in mind that it’s a game: a healthy mind in a healthy body’s good… but a healthy mind in a rotting body is better, right?

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