White raven Jury

Ophélie Nève

Ophélie Neve (Tournai, 1995°) has a degree in film directing from the INSAS. In her movies, she deals with social and feminist issues through the prism of horror and fantasy. Her graduation film SANGUE NERO was awarded with the Grand Prize of the Jury at the BIFFF 2022. Since then, she has been working on her next short film and documentary projects, including the documentary QUAND L’EAU DEVIENDRA NOIRE, which she is co-directing with Liora Berliner. She also works as an assistant director on several shorts, music videos and series.

Jérôme Vandewattyne

At the age of 25, after shooting two shorts for the BIFFF (SHE’S A SLUT, 2011 & SLUTTERBALL, 2012), Jérôme Vandewattyne embarks on his first feature film. For two years he follows The Experimental Tropic Blues Band. The result of all that footage is the blissful mindfuck SPIT’N’SPLIT, which premieres at the BIFFF in 2017. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his second feature, THE BELGIAN WAVE, a psychedelic movie about the wave of UFO sightings that swept Belgium between 1989 and 1993 (release scheduled for 2023). Strongly influenced by Midnight Movies and the genre cinema of the 1970s, Jérôme examines humanity through the prism of its strangest aspects. His camera succeeds in authentically portraying freaks, outsiders and ambiguous characters. In addition to his own films, he founded the music group VHS From Space and directed a large number of music videos and commercials.

Benjamin Vndredi

His thing is production; the beats that turn an a-cappella song into a punchy rap. DEE EYE has produced sounds for Caballero, JeanJass, PLK, Venlo and Romeo Elvis, to name just a few. He is part of the golden generation of Belgian rap and he intends to stay on top. Because behind every single, every hit, every banger is a talented beatmaker. He started playing the piano from an early age. He was introduced to classical music and jazz, but he is also a fan of rock. He likes to play and innovate with different sounds. Finally, he switched roles and released his first solo album last September under the artist name “Benjmain Vndredi.” This year he performs at the BIFFF as a member of our WHITE RAVEN jury.