White raven Jury

Joost Jansen

After winning the BIFFF 2023 Best Short Film award a year ago, Joost Jansen will be taking his first steps at our festival this year as a member of the White Raven jury! Joost Jansen, animation director and head of the Brussels-based JJ studio, has already produced a number of highly successful animated shorts, winning several international awards. Visually, Joost Jansen’s work is a modern, flashy style of animation, in which fluidity and the use of flat colors highlights the immersion in his world. In just one decade, this style has enabled him to collaborate with major brands such as Warner Bros. Records, Google and Nike. At BIFFF, his mission will be quite different, as a jury member for the White Raven competition.

Fantine Harduin

Rising star of Belgian and French cinema, Fantine Harduin is honoring us with her presence for the first time at BIFFF. At just 19 years of age, the Mouscron-born actress has already starred alongside such cinema greats as Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant, under the watchful eye of director Michael Haneke in the film HAPPY END, which played at Cannes in 2017. This year, Fantine will have to face up to the sharp eye of BIFFF. Passionate about genre films – as evidenced by her recent artistic choices (Adoration, Prométhée and genre shorts) – the young actress has a keen interest in horrific and fantastic cinema. An admirer of Giallo and Cronenberg’s films, she confesses to being attracted by films whose directors “go very, very far”. Perhaps her time with fellow director Fabrice du Welz has left its mark! If one day she were to step behind the camera, it would be to make genre films. Let’s hope her time on the BIFFF White Raven jury provides her with inspiration and thrills!

Laura Sépul

Laura Sépul is a multi-talented artist born in 1990. She first made a name for herself in illustration after graduating with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design in Visual Arts in 2012. In 2015, she decided to branch out into filmmaking, directing her first film, ECHOS OF ETERNITY, which was a big hit at several international festivals. Since then, she has made several short films and videos, exploring a diversity of themes and cinematic styles. Her ability to captivate audiences with imaginative stories and unique artistic visions has solidified her reputation as a talented and versatile filmmaker. But Laura Sépul is not only behind the camera, she is also known for her roles in Belgian productions such as BARAKI , ENNEMI PUBLIC , and many others.