Viré Benjamin

Benjamin ViréBorn in 1980 in Brussels, Benjamin Viré pursued studies at INSAS. Its final-year student film, the short feature, “Waterloo”, won a critical success in festivals. Benjamin wrote and directed a lot of short features (“Federal” and “Oblivion” (2004), “Prélude” (2006)), but went quickly a step further directing long features with the dramas “La Cicatrice” (2008) and “Zone” (2013). “Cannibal” (2010), a bloody love story made some noise all around the world. After Solitaires, true cinematographic experiment, shot marginally during several years, Benjamin is working today on psychologic thriller, produced by Eklektic productions.

La Cicatrice (2008)
Cannibal (2010)
Zone (2013)
Solitaires: le Bal des Sauvages (2016)