Vampire Ball 2022

Vampires throughout the ages

It’s that time of year again… The BIFFF invites you to the 37th edition of the Bal des Vampires!

All the Frankensteins, zombies and ghouls can stay in their caves this year, because our Vampire Ball is going back to the basics. That is to say, vampires! But we’re not cruel; oh no, never! As these creatures of the night are immortal anyway, we allow vampires from all walks of un-life and time periods within our theme “Vampires throughout the ages”: Nosferatu, Twilight, Blackula, Blade or the Lost Boys, it’s all good, man! But Flubber, Godzilla or the Mummy? A big no-no! It’s as simple as that.

Entrance: €20 presales – 23€ on site
Make-up stand: There will be make-up artists on the premises for those who wish to turn into one of these mythical creatures (for the meagre sum of 5€)!
This year’s special: Thanks to our partner Hair Club, there will also be a stand with vampire teeth and contact lenses to transform your eyes!

Beware, you will not be able to enter the Ball without your costume and make-up! (apart from your costume, you can find almost everything you need on site!)

And let’s not forget our timeless Best Vampire Contest:
Pre-selection: 23:59 – 00:59 AM (ask your bracelet at the entrance of the Ball!).
Results at : 1:00 AM