The Year of Protest

This year marks the 50th anniversary of May 68 and its ensuing protest movements, of which contemporary society is the heir. The City of Brussels, at the initiative of its alderman of Culture, Karine Lalieux, has decided to bring together all of the city’s cultural institutions to address today’s contestation.

In the 21st century, extremism, nationalistic narcissism, and simplistic divisions are once again rearing their ugly head. Fantasy has always been the ideal genre to denounce totalitarianism, anticipate ideological and technological aberrations, and sound the alarm through fiction. From Soylent Green to 1984 to Hunger Games, there is no shortage of examples.

In 2018, the BIFFF features two outstanding films: with its bold tone Wrath of Silence contradicts the Chinese tendency to censorship, while Five Fingers for Marseilles advocates civil disobedience in post-Apartheid South Africa.