The Fantastic Night 2014

  • Saturday 12 April – 11pm, at the Center for Fine Arts, Cine 1

Goal of the DeadThis friendly match should have been a pure formality for ace football team Olympique de Paris. What do they have to fear from a bunch of Provincial Division amateurs from Capelongue? Well, there’s bad blood between the teams because Samuel, Olympique’s goal getter used to play for Capelongue. And the fans have never forgiven his betrayal. Then there’s a contagious infection that turns the cheering crowds in the stands into zombies. It’s not just fireworks and beer bottles our players have to fear now. As a consequence, the rules of the beautiful game are drastically changed. Not only feet, but hands with every possible weapon that fits into them, may now be used. Do not kick the other balls on the field, because they’re chopped off heads that can still bite. Offside only counts when you’ve got broken bones sticking out of your body. And the game will be over when there’s nobody left standing on the field.

Forget about the World Championship in Brazil. Get ready for some zombie football! Goal of the Dead, directed by the duo Benjamin Rocher (The Pack) and Thierry Poiraud (Atomik Circus) takes place at probably the most unique location in the history of the genre. Among the attackers, defenders, midfielders, goalies and biters, there’s Xavier Laurent (The Monuments Men, Rush), Alban Lenoir (New World, Les gamins) and Sebastien Vandenberghe (Taken 1 & 2).

Pinup Dools on iceJoy is the happy owner of a sleazy bar lost in the Canadian backwoods. Her estimable customers, mainly rutting hunters and perverts looking for hand-jobs between two beers, are as faithful to Joy as a dog to a lamp post. To thank them, she decides to call her friends, the famous Pinup Dolls, for a memorable striptease night in grizzly country! And the five girls will really devote their body and soul to the task. If not during the evening, it will surely be a little bit later with Moe. They don’t know him yet, but Moe is also a professional stripper, except that he also takes off the skin and the ribcage…

With such a title, we already know for sure that it won’t be Ingmar Bergman. Even better, it looks like Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira have scanned your soul to bring you the slasher you dreamed of: references to classics (Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp), an avalanche of boobs, some heavy gore and a necrophiliac villain!

After discovering her father and brother’s mangled corpses, young Marybeth has done all Hatchet IIIshe can to destroy their supernatural killer, the infamous Victor Crowley. And, hell yeah, she did it! Caked in a gargantuan fountain of blood as Crowley is sliced to ribbons, Marybeth turns away from the swamp and wanders blindly back toward civilization, where local Sheriff Fowler finds his routine interrupted by the young girl, caked head-to-toe in Crowley’s blood and carrying a shotgun, muttering “I killed him”. The rattled sheriff immediately sends a duo of officers to the supposed crime scene. Upon their arrival at the swamp, the deputies discover a bloodbath of unimaginable proportions. They radio in from Honey Island Swamp to confirm the girl’s story, but no one knows who’s responsible for the killings. Could Marybeth’s story be true? Are these the victims of a local ghost story… or is the catatonic, blood-caked girl they now have in custody responsible?

Get ready for the third and final round of bona-fide horror icon Victor Crowley, the deformed, hulking sociopath created by Adam Green in Hatchet I and II and brought to screen this time by BJ McDonnell. This self-styled “old school” slasher film perpetuates its dedication to the aesthetics of 70’s and 80’s horror flicks and delivers a fun, over-the-top movie with hilarious kills and introduces a newbie to the cast: Zach Galligan, “the” Billy Peltzer from Gremlins!

A Monty Python-esque collection of shorts, animation, sketch comedy, instructional videos Zombie TVand more, Zombie TV showcases the natural evolution of zombies in the 21st century: no longer a frightening menace, but rather an annoying neighbor you realize you simply have to put up with. Zombie TV answers such natural questions as: in a world full of the undead, wouldn’t some of the surviving humans want to join the majority and become zombies themselves? Would becoming a zombie solve the emotional and relationship problems we all have as living, breathing human beings? Do zombies have their own idols? Would zombies worship a zombie god? Who would win in a fight: a cannibal, or a zombie? How did zombies evolve from walkers into runners? And the most burning question of all: how do zombies have sex?

Now that the Sushi Typhoon wave has passed (the breakneck pace of improbable madness just couldn’t last), we feel like a junkie in need of a fix. Luckily once in a while the land of the rising sun still sends a new piece of cinematic insanity our way. This year’s portion of Mad in Japan is courtesy of two youngsters, Maelie Makuno and Naoya Tashiro (of whom we’ll also show his short Naked Sister) and splattermeister Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Helldriver), who also godfathered the project. You can expect lots of irreverent, tasteless folly and yes; superglue is a must in the “bedroom of the dead”!