The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

No fake poses or ambitious calculations for The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, but wild and savage honesty. It’s a violent and smooth love affair, coupled with a magnificent and chaotic, but masterfully performed sound. For TETBB music is like a journey, a trance or an alternate state of being. This vision, this way of approaching sound, this primal musical instinct results in intense live concerts that are the equivalent of a firework of sounds. Their music knows no limits. The trio likes to mix styles, which leads to surprising concepts: an album recorded in NYC with Jon Spencer, an homage to their country with “The Belgians” and, recently, “Spit’n’Split”, a movie by Jérôme VDW, of which the original soundtrack is also their newest album. Never before was the “experimental” in The Experimental Tropic Blues Band more appropriate.