The BIFFF is still on !

A day after the tragic events that struck our capital, Brussels woke up with a serious hangover. We’re still licking our wounds, desperately attempting to understand what can not be understood and trying to take up our daily lives that were so violently disrupted on that disastrous 22 March 2016.

A lot of people were wondering if the BIFFF was still taking place. The answer is yes, a hundred times yes! We will not bend to these cowardly acts of terror, we will not allow that our freedom of speech is taken hostage and we will not bow to fear. Holding our heads up high, that’s our act of resistance! Laughing together, that’s our act of resistance! Having fun with friends, that’s our act of resistance!

The Festival will, of course, have to take into account some cancellations among its guests, to start with Kevin Smith, but the heart of this popular event remains intact: a hundred incredible movies for an even more incredible audience. As the French philosopher André Malraux said: “Culture is not hereditary, it has to be conquered.” So let’s fight together with our arms of mass-entertainment and long live the Belgians!