The Abominable Dr Vibes

  • Thursday 31 March, Friday 1 April, Tuesday 5 April 6:00-6:30pm – Cine 3

  • Free entry

Dr VibesEven when he was little, Günther von Vibes wanted to dominate the world. He could have changed his name into Donald Trump or he could have messed with motherboards in Steve Jobs’ garage. But Herr von Vibes was too fond of long siestas and sturdy nature walks. And yet, while listening at the same time to the whistling of birds, the riffs of Goblin (in between siestas he got addicted to Giallo) and staring at the hypnotic images of his screensaver, a genius idea popped up in his mind. He would steal a dangerous alien artefact from a secret laboratory of a Belgian university: Fragments#43-44 (codename). This unique weapon allows the user to manipulate the human body with images and sounds and it’s not even on Youtube!

An installation / performance by Gauthier Keyaerts, visuals by François Zajéga
Sound & spatial arrangements: Yacine Sebti
Producer: Gauthier Keyaerts
Coproducers: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Numediart (University of Mons), Transcultures