Séance spéciale: I kill Giants

12/04/2018 – Cine 1 – 14:0
Price: Free (if you come with your youth organization)

Afternoon movie: I Kill Giants at the 36th BIFFF

What would a new edition of the BIFFF be without any novelties? This screening is for all young people between 12 and 16 and their youth and partner organizations that want to have a unique experience in one of the most breath-taking places to watch a movie: The Grand Salle Henry Le Boeuf at Bozar.
We offer each of you the chance to partake in this special screening of I Kill Giants, a tale mixing fantasy and the daily struggles of teenagers. It’s a bold coming of age story where dreams and reality get intertwined.

How do you register? Send us an email through your youth organization to to yannick@bifff.net with the number of participants and we will put you on the guest list. Entrance is free. You just need to get to Bozar in Brussels to enjoy this one in a kind experience!