Script writing contest BIFFF



Since 2014 the BIFFF houses the European edition of the International Coproduction Market Frontières, a film market that creates trans-Atlantic partnerships between film industry professionals. More than 214 participants from 21 countries assisted to this first Brussels’ edition.

Even though the participants to this project have a head start in realizing their ambitions, they’re not the only ones bursting with creativity. Chuck Palahniuk lived in a garage before his breakthrough with Fight Club (okay, it was first a novel before it became the film we all know) and Quentin Tarantino classed VHS tapes in a video club while writing the script for what was to become Reservoir Dogs.
This just to say that good ideas are finally the most democratic thing in the world, because everybody can have them! Starting from that, the BIFFF decided to organize a script writing contest (feature film) open to everybody under the following conditions:
– it has to be in the fantastic genre in the broadest sense of the word.
– it has to be written in French.
– it has to be written according to established film script rules (see )
– it has to be sent before the deadline of 15 November 2015 to

The jury will be composed of Nadine Monfils, Jean Dufaux and Philippe Dumont. The winner’s script will be translated into English and distributed to all participants of Frontières; always looking out for original projects!

Who knows? Maybe one of you might be the next Tarantino…