Sci Fi Short Films

Out of Competition


a film by Tom Teller
Cast: Jason Tobias, Julia Farino, Thurston Hill
Screenplay: Andrew Guastaferro
Music: Ryan Stratton
D.O.P.: Nico Aguilar
SFX: Tom Teller
Version: O.V.
2016 / 19 min. 59 / U.S.A.

When Chris’ mother wants to repair a broken satellite in orbit around Mars, something goes wrong. He comes to the rescue.

They will all die in Space

a film by Javier Chillon
Cast: Francesc Garrido, Julio Perillan, Ben Temple
Screenplay: Javier Chillon
Music: Cirilo Fernandez
D.O.P.: Luis Fuentes
SFX: User T38
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2015 / 14 min. 50 / Spain

The spaceship Tantalus has gotten off course and is wandering aimlessly through space.

The App

a film by Julian Merino
Cast: Carlos Areces, Hugo Silva, Luis Zahera, Aino Sirje
Screenplay: Julian Merino & Karin Wolf
Music: Luis Hernaiz
Version: O.V., Eng. st
2016 / 15 min. / Spain

An app which tells you what to do to be happy, even if it’s mortally dangerous!

Man in the Moon

a film by Monique Mulcahy
Cast: Pauline Grace, JC Innamorati
Screenplay: Monique Mulcahy
Music: Stuart Cullen
D.O.P.: Eric Maddison
Version: O.V.
2016 / 13 min. 17 / Australia

The alienation between a mother and her son gets a cosmic dimension.


a film by Aleix Castro Marin
Cast: Julia Estarnell, Edgar Moreno
Screenplay: Aleix Castro Marin
Music: Daniel Poza & Pablo Suarez
Version: O.V., Eng. & Fre. st
2016 / 10 min. / Spain

In the near future, an implant drastically changes the nature of work.

Orbital Inn

a film by Pierre-Alain M’Barga
Cast: Pauline Lefèvre, Olivier Raynal, Aurore Erguy, Noah Labastie
Screenplay: Pierre-Alain M’Barga, Nirina Ralanto, Jérôme Armand & Benoît Taltasse
D.O.P.: Romuald Riffaud
Version: Eng. O.V., Fre. st
2016 / 15 min. / France

2076, 24 billion Earthlings. To avoid the worst, no one is allowed to have children anymore.

F Meat

a film by Sean Bell
Cast: Ivan Kants, Harry Pavlidis
Screenplay: Sean Bell & Jeremiah Galea
Music: Alison Cole
Version: O.V.
2016 / 18 min. / Australia

There’s a funny smell to the revolutionary new food for vegetarians.

Green Light

a film by Kim Seong-min
Screenplay: Kim Seong-min
Music: Lim Jeong-up
Version: No dialogue
2016 / 15 min. 33 / South Korea

The ecosystem was destroyed by nuclear war. Young Mari tries to save what she can. And then, one day, she meets a broken robot-soldier.