Save the grave of Georges Méliès

Save the grave of Georges Méliès, cinema pioneer and father of special effects, in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris

We, his family, are launching a crowdfunding to restore his grave as it was originally in 1938. We need your help and support to restore the resting place of Georges Méliès in the most visited cemetery in the world: 3.5 million visitors each year.

Since 1938, the year Georges was buried, at 1954, the year his bust was installed, sculpted by Renato Carvillani, his grave has never restored. Little by little, the green stain of the bust invaded the gravestone, the porous stone degraded, the iron posts blew up the stone and fell. The chains surrounding the tomb were stolen a long time ago.
We would like to highlight one of the only places where movie lovers can continue to visit him and show them their gratitude by placing letters and small gifts.

Our crowdfunding campaign is between march, 26th and april, 23th 2019 on Kickstarter.

Thank for your support.

The goals

  •  Step 1: renovate the grave of Georges Méliès in the Père Lachaise cemetery:  36 000€
  •  Step 2 :12 years of maintenance for the grave: 7 000 €
  •  Step 3: create a real professional website for Georges Méliès: 8 000€
Géorges Mélies
Géorges Mélies
Géorges Mélies
Géorges Mélies
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