Regulations for Feature Films

The BRUSSELS INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL has as its purpose to reveal and to promote the cinematographic works in the fantasy, science-fiction or thriller genre and to promote the worldwide development of the film industry towards the professionals and towards the public.

A. General Conditions

1. The 39th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival will take place from 6 till 18 April 2021 in Passage 44. The capacity of the screening room will be adapted to COVID-measures, but the estimation for the moment is 150 paying tickets and 50 free tickets (200 spectators in total).

2. A selection committee designated by the administrative board of the Festival chooses and invites the films presented in competition and out of competition

3. The final date to enter a film for the selection is fixed for 15 FEBRUARY 2021.

4. Selected films will at least have to be Belgian premieres. Only in exceptional cases will the selection committee allow films that have already been shown at another festival in Belgium to be screened at the BIFFF. 

5. Festival awards

a) An international jury will attribute the GOLDEN RAVEN, Grand Prize of the BIFFF, and two SILVER RAVEN, Special Prizes of the jury, to films presented in the International Competition.

b) A national jury will attribute the WHITE RAVEN to a film presented in the 7th Orbit Competition.

c) The spectators of the festival will attribute the PEGASUS, the Audience Award, chosen among all the feature premieres presented at the Festival, with the exception of the closing feature.

d) A national jury will attribute a SILVER MELIES for Best European Fantastic Film to a film in the European Competition. The winner will automatically participate in the GOLDEN MELIES competition, an event organised each year by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.

e) A jury of international film professionals will attribute the BLACK RAVEN to a film in the Thriller Competition.

f) A jury of journalists will attribute the FILM CRITICS AWARD chosen among a selection of films from all festival sections

6. Anyone who is directly linked to a film presented in one of the festival’s competitions, cannot be a member of that competition jury.

7. A film presented in the official selection of the BIFFF can not be withdrawn once the rights holder has confirmed the selection. 

8. It is not customary festival policy to pay screening fees for selected films. In case a fee is asked, the amount has to be agreed upon before selection.

9. The laureates and the film distribution companies engage themselves to use in their publicity the wording of the prizes as stated in article 5. 

10. It is indispensable that you complete the entry form and that you send it back with the proper indications (production company, TV-promotion authorisation…). It is obligatory to provide at the same time the promotion material for the film (synopsis, technical file, jpegs, trailer, …) and the dialogue/subtitles list in order to create the French and Dutch subtitles (if not available beforehand). 

11. In case you have not authorised the film to be screened on the online platform in the event that the festival will have to move entirely online because of covid-restrictions, the film will therefore be excluded from the festival’s line-up and will not participate in the 39th edition of the BIFFF.

B. Physical Screenings

1. The accepted screening format is DCP 2K. The DCP must comply with DCI or SMPTE standards. Any other format not included in the above list will not be screenable in theaters.

2. All the films have to be in O.V. (original version) and with English subtitles (if the feature is not English-spoken). 

3. Transport of the screening copy: the Festival pays the costs for sending the selected films (go and return), as long as the shipping is done by the Festival’s official carrier. If the film comes from another festival, the transport up to Brussels will be at our charge unless an arrangement has been made between the two festivals. If the film has to be returned to another festival, it will be at the charge of that other festival. 

4. The festival also accepts digital DCPs via secured platforms. If that’s the case, the BIFFF needs to be informed beforehand. The festival needs to have the time to download and test the DCP in order to check that the download was fine. 

5.  The deadline delivery for digital DCPs is set for 23rd March. The deadline for the delivery of physical DCPs is set for 30th March. 

6. The BIFFF needs to keep the screening copy (in case of a physical DCP) until the projection date. We cannot ingest & release the copy before the official screening. 

C. On-line Screenings 

1. The festival’s online section will be accessible through a BIFFF subdomain, which will accommodate the platform developed by Festival Scope & Shift 72, with a territorial scope limited exclusively to Belgium.

2. The films will only be available on the platform during the 39th edition of the festival from 6 till 18 April 2021. The films will not be able to be seen on the platform neither before nor after the festival official dates. 

3. Each film will be limited by a “rental period”, determining the time limit for accessing the first viewing. This will be set at 72 hours from the activation of the viewing function (always limited to 6 – 18 April). There will also be a “playback period” restriction (the possibility of stopping and continuing the film’s playback at a later time or watching it again from the beginning) within the 48 hours immediately after the first play.

4. Each film will have a maximum of 500 paid tickets and around 300 invitations for the press, industry, guests, juries, volunteers, sponsors or partners. Once the film reaches its maximum number of viewings, the film will no longer be available on the platform. Any exceptions to these numbers are to be discussed and agreed on beforehand by both parties.

5. A price is stipulated for the rental fee of each film. The profits generated by the online box office will not be shared with the person responsible for/representatives of the films. We remind you that the Festival is a non-profit organization and all possible profits are reinvested in the festival’s own expenses.

6. The BIFFF may also incorporate other extra materials of an informative and/or promotional nature such as trailers, video presentation by the director(s) of the film, etc.

7. Regarding the format of the film, the accepted files would be as following:
  • Files: .mov or .mp4 (Please, note that the platform only accepts 2k files)
  • Video and audio codes: H.264 & AAC
  • Quality: 1920 x 1080 (preferably) or 1280 x 720
  • Bitrate: 15,000 kbps or higher
  • Frame Rates:  Original frame rate is preferred and constant frame rate is mandatory.
  • Sound: Stereo (The platform only supports files with stereo sound)
  • The video files should not contain any color bars or textless backgrounds and should start with the first frame of the program.
  • Clean digital file of the film (without embedded subtitles)

8. Regarding the subtitles of the film, the accepted file format is srt.

9. The deadline for the digital delivery of these files (point 7 and point 8) is set on the 23rd of March. However, the BIFFF would appreciate receiving the files as soon as the film is confirmed, so that we have time to properly organise the online platform.

10. The Festival organization will not be responsible for possible errors in the online screening of the film in the event that the material provided is not adequate.

11. All films taking part in the online section of the festival will maintain their competition and options to receive the awards established therein.

Participation to the Festival implies the adherence to the present regulations. In case of dispute, only the French regulations will count, and not the English translation.

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