At first glance, you might think that recycling is a grown-up subject, as glamorous as a lecture on the melting point of lead.

But when you get right down to it, there’s nothing more imaginative and inventive than recycling. So we’ve invited a dozen artists who create by recycling, whether in the form of sculptures (Patryck de Froidmont), or lamps (Saoud Mama), board games (Ludothèque d’Ixelles), accessories fabricated from old BIFFF tarpaulins (JoBags), funny capes (Marypup) and unusual objects made from socks (Nowa Market)!

The artists will be present on Tuesday, April 16, to present their objects and do workshops with the kids and the adults during the evenings.

The exhibition will then run until the end of the festival. But that’s not all! Schoolchildren will also attend a screening of Yusuke Hirota’s Japanese animated masterpiece POUPELLE OF CHIMNEY TOWN, a moving tale that is the perfect means to raise ecological and political awareness among the 1,700 children expected!


A selection of imposing works at the No Name Bar


Presentation of my “Métaphores Sculpturales”… sculptures based on recycled objects. Do everyday objects have a life after death? As a reaction to our “throw everything away” era, and the fruit of my relentless hobby, my salvage-based technique gives new life to everyday objects. These utensils are assembled to create new shapes, abstract or figurative, bas-relief paintings or three-dimensional pieces. What sets me apart from the “salvaged” creations of other artists is the application of a personal texture, patiently perfected, like an alchemist, in the secrecy of my “lab/workshop”. A coating that skillfully combines the various materials used, giving each sculpture its own existence, independent of the multitude of elements that make it up. Concerned about respecting the environment, I quickly abandoned the use of toxic products such as polyurethanes and spray paints, using only water-based materials and natural substances. I’m constantly experimenting with new coatings and colors which, while being kind to my lungs, those of my neighbors and the health of the planet, also guarantee optimum durability for my work. Many of you often ask me how I create what I call my “Sculptural Metaphors”. Come to the BIFFF and find out! In the meantime, you can discover photos of my various works in the “Métaphores Sculpturales” album on my Facebook page “Patryck de Froidmont”, or on the website:


NODESIGN is a project about furniture design, lighting, interior architecture, installations and scenography. Saoud Mama: “My concept as a visual designer is based on the recovery and recycling of industrial waste (wood, metal, plastic, stone, glass…), obsolete objects and experimenting with organic materials. When it comes to waste, it’s essential that the recovered materials speak to me in terms of both matter and form. The original object and materials that I’m going to process or transform disappear in favor of a new object, with the original element only appearing in a second reading. It’s a question of observation, functionality and the relationship between proportions that leads me to deviate the object from its original function. I also organize courses in the form of modules (beginner and advanced).”

LISA DERU et LAURENCE Raskin (Ludothèque Ixelles )

Lisa Deru works at the Ludothèque d’Ixelles, known for creating 3D games from recycled objects such as ‘The haunted Stairs’ and ‘The Princess and the pea’. Especially for the BIFFF Lisa has prepared a couple of brand-new games to try out!


He’s always discreet, but JoBags is the guy who takes all our old tarps and turns them into great accessories like bags, wallets, aprons – and this year he’s coming with BIFFF-customized furry armchairs!


A vintage and industrial universe for unique objects, handcrafted with talent from recovered materials and unusual objects. In Fi.Light’s case, as an industrial upcycler, it positions itself in the circular economy, contributing to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Instead of creating new products from virgin raw materials. Fi.Light recovers materials or tools from the past to prolong their history and give them a second life by transforming them into aesthetic and functional lighting fixtures. This preserves natural resources, reduces CO2 emissions linked to the production of new materials and promotes a more responsible approach to consumption. In the arts and crafts sector, upcycling consists of recovering old materials or products no longer in use, and transforming them into a beautiful object.


Marypup is a 100% handmade eco-circular project. In her own words: “Our industrial life means that we produce more and more “ephemeral” products. We throw away a lot of raw materials that we could easily reuse and put back into the circular economy. So I decided to start my adventure by recovering umbrella fabric and creating a utilitarian garment out of it, the rain cape. The umbrella is just one example of the thousands of objects that we use and throw away just as quickly. Often very accessible products due to their low price, but also extremely toxic for our environment. My decision to take part in the circular economy fits in perfectly with my lifelong passion: creating clothing, using and recovering unusual materials. Recycling, upcycling and salvaging are in the air right now, but it’s urgent that we make our contribution!”


After a career as a webmaster, Fab aka Gohji Custom returned to his first loves: drawing, sci-fi, fantasy, pop culture comics, gaming, tattoo and music. He combines all this with his eco and upcycling values to turn it into his new job-slash-passion! From eco paint made in France to recycled materials (sneakers, clothing, bags and more), his creations are 100% unique, stemming from your imagination… You dream it up, he executes!


Ophélie of Nowa Market recycles socks, and turns them in some mighty fine objects!

Hÿron D'Hell et Antoine Coulon

They create geeky carpets


Ridouan, the big boss of Troc Drogenbos, decided to decorate the No Name Bar with all sorts of extraordinary objects, from a trunk to a giant Spiderman. He’s also attending the Recyclerie Fantastique to talk about second-hand objects. Because what could be better in the art of recycling than using vintage objects from days long gone by.