Wild Virgins

Cine 2 - 10/04/2020 - 00:30


Festival 2020 cancelled.

According to a Japanese urban legend, those who didn’t get down and dirty by the time they hit thirty, will be transformed into a superhero by a mystic baboon. Now that’s a solid argument in favor of total abstinence! Mikio Hoshimura is a 29-year-old incompetent pencil pusher at an insurance firm. He’s at the bottom of the company’s rankings. His social life is below zero, he’s got no girlfriend, only tons of manga’s to get keep him warm during the winter. But, on the eve of his thirtieth birthday at a team-building event, he has the bright idea to stand up for the first time of his life against the #MeDon’tCare coolios of his office when they start harassing Akiyama, the company’s newest recruit. If he had hoped to obtain the key to his chastity belt with this, he’s dead-wrong. A bashed-in nose and Akiyama’s tears of eternal gratitude is all he gets. He’s still a virgin. But then the already mentioned mystic baboon appears and turns him into a Wild Virgin, hurling through the sky to fight injustice! But his lonely sperm cells still long for a little extra… 


Year 2019
Director Kenichi Ugana
Cast Tomoya Maeno,
Tateto Serizawa,
Hinako Sano,
Makoto Tanaka,
Takayuki Hamatsu,
Takumi Saito
Distributor Third Window Films
Genre(s) comedy, fantasy
Audience CNA
Running time 103'
Country Japan
Audio O.V.
Subtitles ENG. & BIL. ST
Premiere International Premiere
Competition(s) Spamflix Asian Film Award