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Four old friends share a humongous mansion in the outskirts of Buenos Aires: a faded starlet of a bygone era in Argentinean cinema – think Norma Desmond of SUNSET BOULEVARD, Latino-style -, her director, her screenwriter and her husband. In between expensive paintings, memorabilia and an Oscars’ statuette they go about their daily routine, which mostly consists of yelling cruel, mean things at each other.  Aging rich dinosaurs never fail to attract vultures, in this case a young couple that tries to cheat them out of their house in order to develop their own real estate project. Little do the youngsters know that apart from being old, rich and famous they’re also notorious manipulators… Expect sizzling dialogues and a juicy lump of cynical humor that no doubt cracks up, oh say KNIVES OUT’s director Rian Johnson. Juan José Campanella’s first feature films since THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES, that won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2010 (oooh that’s the statuette we see in the film!), pays homage to fellow countryman José A. Martínez Suárez’s black comedy YESTERDAY’S GUYS USED NO ARSENIC, but is just as well related to the Capra classic ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. You got it, it’s a poisonous affair with a first-class cast: there’s grande dame of Argentinean cinema Garciela Borges, Oscar Martinez (WILD TALES), Luis Brandoni and BIFFF regular Clara Lago (THE END, ORBITER 9), who takes on the role of sneaky real estate agent.   

Year 2019
Director Juan José Campanella
Cast Graciela Borges,
Oscar Martínez,
Luis Brandoni,
Marcos Mundstock,
Clara Lago,
Nicolás Francella
Distributor Latido Films
Genre(s) black comedy , thriller
Running time 129'
Country Argentina, Spain
Audio Spanish
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Production 100 Bares, Producciones S.A
World Sales