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Just an average day in the European capital. Teenagers are entering the grounds of their high school, chatting and joking with each other until the bell rings, calling them to their classes. At the same moment, gun shots ring out in the building. Bleeding bodies are falling to the floor, while two young men transform themselves into suicide terrorists. And then there is an explosion. The emergency services soon arrive on the scene. Isabelle and Adamo, two paramedics at the end of their shift, make their way through the chaos of smoke, blood and maimed bodies. They put an unconscious victim into their ambulance and speed to the hospital to save his life. But in their haste, they overlook what hides under his T-shirt…a primed bomb belt. After working as a director’s assistant on movies and series such as SUBURRA and ROMANZO CRIMINALE, Alessandro Tonda’s feature debut tackles a highly topical subject. He does not focus on terrorism as an ideological phenomenon, but concentrates on the three people in the ambulance who are cruising through the Brussels’ street in a bomb on wheels. This terrific feature is dedicated “to all those who fight at the front lines without weapons”. There’s no better tribute to our health care heroes in these pandemic times than THE SHIFT.

Year 2020
Director Alessandro Tonda
Cast Clotilde Hesme,
Adamo Dionisi & Adam Amara
Distributor Minerva Pictures
Genre(s) thriller
Running time 95'
Country Belgium, Italy
Audio French
Subtitles EN, NL
Premiere International Premiere
Production Tarantula & Notorious Pictures
World Sales