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Brujas, demonios and exorcisms. After twenty years, Cristina returns to her native village, deep into the woods of Veracruz. Not to visit her niece – her only remaining relative – but to investigate a story about sorcery and healing. Things don’t go as planned when she wakes up locked up in a shed. There are strange signs painted on the walls and ominous relics hanging from the ceiling. A local bruja and her son are convinced that she is possessed by a demon. However Cristina soon discovers she has some demons of her own that she must face. Right from the start Christopher Alender’s THE OLD WAYS dives into jump scares and ominous tension. Watch this film for its straightforward plot and powerful characters. Stay for its brooding cinematography and high quality special effects on the tunes of a warm blend of Mexican traditionals and the atmospheric original score by Ben Lovett.

Year 2020
Director Christopher Alender
Cast Brigitte Kali Canales,
Andrea Cortés,
Julia Vera,
Sal Lopez & AJ Bowen
Distributor Soapbox Films
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 89'
Country Puerto Rico, USA
Audio English, Spanish, Nahuatl
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Soapbox Films