Cine 3 - 13/04/19 - 20:00

the chaser

Free film screening: no ticket required;
First come, first served.  (max. 200 people)


Former cop turned pimp Joong-ho sees his girls disappear one by one. He manages to have the psychopath arrested and the guy even confesses. The end? Not quite because the police have to let him go for lack of evidence. There then ensues a race against the clock to save his next victim, which quickly turns into a breathtaking chase. Na Hong-jin’s feature film debut hit like a bombshell. Brilliantly directed, the film won the Thriller Award at the BIFFF 2009! Ha Jung-woo, who plays the main character in this year’s TAKE POINT, embodies the crazy psychopath/kidnapper.

Year 2008
Director Hong-jin Na
Cast Jung-woo Ha,
Yoon-suk Kim,
Young-hee Seo
Distributor Cinéart
Genre(s) Retro, thriller
Audience CNA
Running time 123'
Country South Korea
Audio O.V. Korean
Subtitles English
Premiere Retro
Competition(s) none