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Moondog used to be a successful poet, but these days he’s too busy smoking weed and hitting the bottle to do anything remotely resembling creativity. Since his wife (whom he cheats on with casual pick-ups) is stinking rich, there really is no great urgency. Until the day his luck changes and he finds himself without a dime to his name. Time to finish that novel he’s been working on for ages, perhaps? Perhaps! While he takes his time pondering this existential question, he goofs around with a series of colorful characters: a religiously inspired pyromaniac, a dolphin-obsessed sea captain, a suave marijuana connoisseur, a scruffy beach singer, and a coke-addicted parrot.

No need to introduce master provocateur Harmony Korine, the man behind TRASH HUMPERS, JULIEN DONKEY-BOY, and GUMMO. After his collaboration with James Franco in SPRING BREAKERS, he succeeded in getting another big-name actor. Matthew McConaughey (INTERSTELLAR, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, KILLER JOE) is clearly having a great time as the perennially intoxicated protagonist. Impossible to pigeon-hole this movie: it’s one half drugs comedy, one half satire, and one half still something else. Because in THE BEACH BUM, one and one make three!

Year 2019
Director Harmony Korine
Cast Isla Fisher,
Jonah Hill,
Martin Lawrence,
Matthew McConaughey,
Snoop Dogg,
Zac Efron
Distributor The Searchers
Genre(s) black comedy , surreal
Audience CNA
Running time 95'
Country USA
Audio O.V. English
Subtitles French, Dutch
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Competition(s) 7th Orbit Competition