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1920, Barcelona. Many children go missing, but the disappearance of little Teresa from an affluent family sends a shock wave through the entire country. While the story’s dominating all the newspapers, top journalist Sebastià Comas returns to his uncle’s newspaper after having spent some time in a psychiatric asylum. The police arrest Enriqueta Martí, the “Vampiress of Ravel”, as the culprit. But Sebastià uncovers a much more sinister affair… Lluís Danés serves up a period piece with a color scheme à la Schindler’s List. The blood red seeps through the dominating razor sharp black and white images. The setting isn’t filled with impressive computer-generated mansions and streets, but with sober theater set pieces. Transport yourself to a Victorian Barcelona, populated with prostitutes, decadent bourgeois, penniless parents and missing kids.

Year 2020
Director Lluís Danés
Cast "Nora Navas,
Roger Casamajor,
Bruna Cusi,
Sergi López & Francesc Orella "
Distributor Filmax
Genre(s) mystery, serial killer
Audience CNA
Running time 106'
Country Spain
Audio Catalan
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Brutal Media / Filmax
World Sales Filmax
Competition(s) White Raven Competition