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A Cold War urban legend turned into a Russian science fiction blockbuster? You betcha! After the famous space race between the Soviets and the West, their new challenge becomes the race to the deepest point on Earth (this time the Sovjets do win). In 1970, they start digging on the Kola Peninsula inside the Arctic Circle. In the ominous year 1984, they reach a depth of 12 kilometers. When they lower a microphone in the hole, they hear a strange noise. The Kola locals claim that it sounds like screams coming from the depths of hell… Terrified, they close it up as quickly as possible. But THE SUPERDEEP wouldn’t be selected to the BIFFF if there wasn’t a research team that descends into the unknown to uncover the secrets of the deepest borehole on earth. And what they encounter might just be the biggest threat ever. The future of humanity lies in their hands… Plunge into this THE THING-inspired claustrophobic and terrifying nightmare from director and writer Arseny Syuhin. Oh, if you’re not yet sure what to visit first post corona: book a sightseeing tour to the Kola Superdeep Borehole!

Year 2020
Director Arseny Sukhin
Cast Milena Radulovic,
Nikita Duvbanov,
Kirill Kovbas,
Vadim Demchog & Sergey Ivanuk
Distributor Pulsar Content
Genre(s) horror, science-fiction
Audience CNA
Running time 115'
Country Russia
Audio English
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Trio Film
World Sales
Competition(s) International Competition