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Laura escapes from a cult at a young age. Years later, she leads a cozy life with her eight-year-old son, David. Unfortunately, subscription to the cult is for life – that’s what Tom Cruise told us anyway – and they seem to have taken up a particular interest in her offspring, whom they try to kidnap after breaking into her house. Yet, when the police shows up, the cult is gone without any trace of someone breaking in. To make things even worse, lil’ Dave succumbs to a mysterious illness that has medical personnel scratching their heads. Every morning he’s fine, but at night the illness reappears, along with a terrifying hunger for… for something his mother will provide for him whatever it takes, as long as he survives. But how far is she willing to go for her child? Does her love for him have any limits? Six years after his passage at the BIFFF with THE CANAL, Ivan Kavanagh returns with a chilling horror flick that picks up the umbilical cord where ROSEMARY’S BABY left it dangling. The Irish director was able to wrap up shooting in Mississippi just in time before the first COVID lockdown came along. Starring Andi Matichak (from the 2018 HALLOWEEN sequel) as Laura and Emile Hirsch (FREAKS – Silver Raven BIFFF 2019) as Paul.

Year 2020
Director Ivan Kavanagh
Cast Emile Hirsch,
Andi Matichak & Luke David Blumm
Distributor Altitude Film Sales / Premiere TV Distribution
Genre(s) horror
Running time 98'
Country Ireland, USA
Audio English
Subtitles FR & NL
Premiere International Premiere
Production Park Films
World Sales Altitude Film Sales
Competition(s) Critics Selection, International Competition