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Ever since she was a little girl, Yeon-hee has only had one dream: to become an action movie star. She sacrificed all other possible careers to obtain a black belt in Kendo, Kempo, Karate, Kung-fu, Katana and many other cool things that start with a K. One fine day, she’s hired as a stunt double for an actual movie star. She’s never been this close to her childhood dream. But there’s nobody on set. Just a movie slate. She can’t resist the temptation to clap and… wham! Yeon-hee is transported to a parallel world full of rival clans, tyrants and arbitrary murders. When the locals confuse her with the legendary Soul Killer, she suddenly find herself in the position of Ash in ARMY OF DARKNESS; namely that of the heroine who’s going to put all her cool K-tricks to practice to fight The Big Evil One. SLATE is as colorful as it is bloody, and could be the missing link between EVIL DEAD and KILL BILL.

Year 2020
Director Ba-reun Jo
Cast Ji-Hye Ahn,
Min-ji Lee & Tae-san Park
Distributor Splendid Film
Genre(s) action, fantasy
Audience CNA
Running time 100'
Country South Korea
Audio Korean
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere European Premiere
Production Contents Village / MCMC
World Sales Finecut