Silver Melies Winners

Cine 3 - 12/04/2020 - 20:30

Silver Melies WInners


Festival 2020 cancelled.

Silver Melies Winners (2018-2019)

The unfair thing about the Méliès is that you can’t watch the other festivals’ winners because those can’t be in competition again. So we decided to correct this and show you all the Silver Méliès winners of the Fantastic Federation’s main festivals in one single screening. So here is the cream of the crop of European cinema from the cycle 2018-2019. And if you like it, we could even, y’know, do it again next year… so we’re counting on you!

The Death of Don Quixote

Miguel Faus / 13’ / United Kingdom / 2018 / Cast : Jamie Paul, John O’Toole / Contact : Miguel Fau

A young and ambitious filmmaker attempts to complete his masterpiece, “The Death of Don Quixote”, as the health of his lead actor continues to get weaker and weaker.

Orage par ciel clair


Yohan Faure / 21’ / France / 2018 / Cast : Fayolle Jean, Edith Côté-Demers, Mathieu Lepage / Contact : Yohan Faure

Ten year after the discovery of a remote planetary system likely to sustain the early stages of a civilization, we wait for the results of a worldwide referendum to answer the question: Should we meet this civilization?

Pleine Campagne

Pierre Mouchet / 18’ / France / 2018 / Cast : Coline D’incà, David Clavel, Charlie Melchiori / Contact : Pierre Mouchet

An old and dilapidated house in the contryside. A solitary and gloomy-looking man wandering around. A frail and angelic girl locked up in a room. A piece of human flesh forgotten near the well…That is what a young tramp will discorver beyond sacrifice…


Jan Verdijk / 12’ / The Netherlands / 2018 / Cast : Wouter Hendrickx, Hannah Van Lunteren, Jago Hensema / Contact : Jan Verdijk

When a father misbehaves during a weekend-holiday, his surroundings will make him feel very unwelcome, while his wife and son turn against him.


Basile Vuillemin / 9’ / Switzerland / 2019 / Cast : Joël Hefti, Marie Wyler / Contact : Basile Vuillemine

A man uses an automated funeral home company to bury his mother.

Bad Seed

Guilherme Daniel / 14’ / Portugal / 2019 / Cast : Daniel Viana, Isabel Costa / Contact : Guilherme Daniel

A black seed takes root in the spirit of a man and a woman.


William Laboury / 21’ / France / 2019 / Cast : Ayumi Roux, Gulliver Benhadj-Bevernaege, Armande Boulanger / Contact : Kazak Productions

Maïko is Tommy’s tiny holographic girlfriend, her love for him knows no bounds, but Tommy breaks up with her for another girl, a real one…


David Velduque / 14’ / Spain / 2018 / Cast : Álvaro Fontalba, Manuel Tejera / Contact : Selected Films

It’s friday night, the bell rings and Alex opens the door to the worst of his fears.


Daniel Viqueira / 14’ / Spain / 2018 / Cast : Paula Morado, Xose Eirin, Rita Aneiros / Contact : Banatu Filmak

When Xose doesn ́t manage to adapt to his new life, he get pulled into a self-destructive spiral. Social criticism of gender violence

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