Signal 100


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Are you a teacher? Are you fed up with all those pupils seemingly raised by a pack of wolves? In that case, kick back, relax and enjoy this hardcore adaptation of the eponymous manga by Arata Miyatsuki and Shigure Kondo. Imagine 36 pupils, smartphone in hand, eternal gum stuck in between jaws, hanky panky in the back of the classroom and their teacher driven to the brink of insanity. Well, he’s had it! He decides to hypnotize the boisterous bunch. From now on, a specific set of signals triggers pupils to commit instant suicide. Using your phone? Suicide. Sobbing? Kaputt. Drinking from the bottle? Bye-bye. Smooching? Wither in hell! This is all pedagogically sound, of course. To break the spell, one simply has to be the last survivor… Careful though, because hurting others is one of the fatal signals. For once they will have to put their gray matter to good use in the midst of all the jumping out of windows, throat slitting, improvised seppuku and skulls splattering all over the blackboard at a frenzied pace… Director Lisa Takeba sure knows how to have a good time in this 100% Montessori-certified BATTLE ROYALE for the iPhone generation.

Year 2019
Director Lisa Takeba
Cast Kanna Hashimoto,
Yuta Koseki,
Toshiki Seto,
Shouma Kai,
Masaki Nakao,
Shodai Fukuyama & Shido Nakamura
Distributor Toei Company, Ltd.
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 88'
Country Japan
Audio Japanese
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Production Toei Company, Ltd.
World Sales

Japan Foundation 2019