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Markus, a career military man with an ice-cold disposition, must leave his combat zone to take care of his teenage daughter Mathilde, after his wife’s sudden death in a train accident. But the awkward attempt of Markus to connect with his mourning daughter, is interrupted by Otto, a scrawny and eccentric mathematician. He also survived the accident, but he hasn’t come to offer his condolences. It’s because Otto is convinced that it was an attack linked to a gang of bad guys and an ongoing trial. It doesn’t take much more for Markus to activate his vengeance mode and to pull out all the stops in a ride for justice. We shouldn’t even have to introduce the man anymore, because everyone knows his legend at the BIFFF: 2 Silver Méliès Awards, 1 Audience Award and 1 Golden Raven with just two films (THE GREEN BUTCHERS and ADAM’S APPLES). Anders Thomas Jensen is back with his faithful sidekick Mads Mikkelsen to delight us with an absolute gem of absurd black humor!

Year 2020
Director Anders Thomas Jensen
Cast Mads Mikkelsen,
Nikolaj Lie Kaas & Andre Heick Gadeberg
Distributor September Film
Genre(s) action, comedy, film noir
Running time 116'
Country Denmark
Audio Danish
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Zentropa Entertainments
World Sales Trust Nordisk
Competition(s) Critics Selection, European Méliès Competition