Re-animated Shorts

Cine 3 - 12/04/2020 - 18:30

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Festival 2020 cancelled.

Re-animated Shorts (International Short Films)

Fantastic cinema, that’s also animation! We present a rich and varied selection of movies in full CGI, traditional 2D animation, claymotion, stop-motion or with puppets. There’s even a short that got nominated for the Oscar for best animated short film (the French MEMORABLE). We put you up to a challenge: will you be able to recognize the voice of our Knight of the Order of the Raven, Christopher Lloyd?


Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, Quentin Tireloque / 5’ / France / 2019 / Voice : Robert Bennett / Contact : Je Regarde / Belgian Premiere

A chimpanzee attempts breaking the land speed record.


Alejandro Ariel Martin / 15’ / Argentina / 2019 / Contact : Alejandro Ariel Martin / Belgian Premiere

Epirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will change his world.

Imbued Life

Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson / 12’ / Croatia / 2019 / Voice : Rakan Rushaidat / Contact : Bonobo Studios / Belgian Premiere

Imbued Life is a film about a young woman’s connection with the life force of nature.


John-Daniel Arauz / 14’ / Canada / 2019 / Contact : John-Daniel Arauz / Belgian Premiere

With society on the brink of collapse, state prisoners are sentenced to dangerous labour tasks within the walls of an abandoned city, haunted by phantoms of the past.

Spirit of the Drowning Girls

Runze Cao / 11’ / China / 2019 / Contact : Escape Velocity / Belgian Premiere

The ghost story is inspired by a letter of the famous ancient Chinese poet / scholar Dongpo Su (1037-1101). A young Kongfu master falls into the trap of an evil old spirit who enslaves dead little girls drowned by their own parents.

The Haunted Swordsman

Kevin McTurk / 16’ / United States / 2019 / Voices : Jason Scott Lee, James Hong, Franka Potente, Christopher Lloyd / Contact : Kevin McTurk / Belgian Premiere

In a world of demons and ghosts, a lone samurai and his odd companion, a cursed severed head, seek vengeance.

Chicken of the Dead

Julien David / 10’ / France / 2019 / Voices : Julie Jacovella, Benjamin Pascal, Gilbert Levy, Mectoob / Contact : Miyu Distribution

Bernard Lepique is the CEO of “Quasi”, a company specializing in the production of half-bio, half-antibiotics chickens. Today Bernard is launching its new kind of chicken, but everything does not go as planned…

Monsters Walking

Diego Porral Soldevilla / 1’ / Spain / 2019 / Contact : Distribution with glasses / Belgian Premiere

“Monsters Walking” is a short film about monsters that walk.


Katarina Lundquist / 7’ / Denmark / 2019 / Contact : Miyu Distribution

When a lifelong friend departs, a stubborn old man has to face his inner fears in order to restore peace to his mind.


Bruno Collet / 12’ / France / 2019 / Voices : Dominique Reymond, André Wilms  / Contact : Vivement lundi

Recently, Louis, a painter, is experiencing strange events. His world seems to be mutating. Slowly, furnitures, objects and people lose their realism. They are destructuring, sometimes disintegrating …

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