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1918, Hungary. The Great War and the Spanish Flu have ravaged the continent. Soldier Tomàs (Viktor Klem) gets hit by an artillery bombardment. On his way to the hereafter, he experiences a strange vision of a girl calling his name and leading him back to life. Six months later, Tomàs travels from town to town as a postmortem photographer, offering mourning families a last photograph of their loved ones. Suddenly he stands face to face with the girl of his vision, Anna (Fruzsina Hais). He follows her to her very SLEEPY HOLLOW-ish village, where the frozen ground makes it impossible to bury the countless flu victims. But there is more that roams these grounds than the freezing cold… Ghosts, the villagers whisper. Not easily swayed by superstitious nonsense, Tomàs is going to use state-of-the-art photo and phonograph technology to bust some ghosts! Director Péter Bergendy has a major in psychology and wrote his thesis on horror film psychology. Let that be a warning for you, because this good ol’ gothic horror story has enough folklore influences and tension to catapult you a hundred years back into time.

Year 2020
Director Péter Bergendy
Cast Viktor Klem,
Fruzsina Hais & Judit Schell
Distributor National Film Institute Hungary
Genre(s) ghost movie, horror
Audience CNA
Running time 115'
Country Hungary
Audio Hungarian
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Szupermodern Stúdió
World Sales NFI World Sales
Competition(s) European Méliès Competition