Cine 2 - 01/09/2022 - 14:00


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Once upon a time in a slapdash movie theater in the slums of Uganda’s capital Kampala, a little boy was dreaming big in front of the sweaty silver-screen shenanigans of Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. One day he’d be an action director too! But life has a way of throwing childhood dreams under a bus without brakes – damn you, Keanu! – and he ended up fixing computers to make a living. Until one fine day in 2010 he scraped together all of his courage, 50$, a few buddies and a whole lot of junk to go all out on the insanity that is WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? It took the internet by surprise and garnered millions of views, propelling director Isaac “I.G.G.” Nabwana and his neighborhood (redubbed Wakaliwood) to stardom! After seeing the film, Shakira spontaneously broke out into a “Waka Waka, eh eh!” (another 2010 staple) and the BIFFF couldn’t resist doing a happy dance either. Wakaliwood’s even crazier follow-up BAD BLACK was part of our 2017 line-up and Isaac Nabwana had a seat in our international jury last year. Unfortunately we haven’t got any fresh Wakaliwonder for you this year (fingers crossed for 2023!), but we do present this fantastic documentary taking us behind the scenes of the maddest and most inventive of all dream factories. After seeing it we were all twinkly eyes and full of marvel, thinking to ourselves: “Too bad we can’t make such an awesome Gatling gun out of scrap and a broken lawnmower!”

Year 2021
Director Cathryne Czubek & Hugo Pérez (co-director)
Cast Asiimwe Apollo,
Bukenya Charles,
Bisaso Dauda,
V.J. Emmie,
Alan Hofmanis,
Nabwana I.G.G.,
Kizza Manshoor,
Harriet Nabwana,
Namutebi Ritah & Kazibwe Ronald
Distributor Blue Finch Film Releasing
Genre(s) documentary
Audience ENA
Running time 94'
Country USA / Uganda
Audio English, Luganda
Subtitles EN / FR / NL
Premiere BIFFF
Production Salted Media / Chicken and Egg Pictures Fork Films / Gigantic Studios
World Sales Blue Finch Film Releasing