When it comes to bad luck, Lisa seems to have hit the jackpot. After getting a lift and a blow to the head from a killer on the run, she wakes up in a metal tube. She’s also wearing a strange outfit: a spandex jumpsuit and a wristband that lights up while counting down. Eight minutes, exactly. Suddenly, a latch opens and the games can begin. Lisa discovers a tunnel that would give even the most seasoned spelunker a panic attack, with at the end the charred remains of the previous contestant. The countdown continues, along with strange noises and smells. Lisa must continue. Crawl or die. MEANDER is the second film of talented young Frenchman Mathieu Turi. Imagine CUBE, but with a generous scoop of SAW. Like any good genre movie, there’s only one thing that counts: efficiency. It has to be scary. So scary that you have to look away, crush your partner’s arm and forget to breathe. These feelings are probably not unfamiliar to you, right? Well, MEANDER brings them all together.

Year 2020
Director Mathieu Turi
Cast Gaia Weiss & Peter Franzén
Distributor Splendid Film
Genre(s) horror, science-fiction
Running time 87'
Country France
Audio English / French
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Fulltime Studio / Cinéfrance Studios / One bird Film
World Sales WT Films
Competition(s) European Méliès Competition