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“Hell is other People.” At least, that’s what Sartre sent out into the world years ago. Now Arno Pluquet takes this theme to his heart in his latest film. Boris, tormented by the departure of his alcoholic father and depressed mother, lives under the yoke of a bitter and harmful existence. Misunderstood and alone, he seeks refuge in madness to escape the violence of life. Boris has had it with discussions about stiletto heels, the difference between a bedbug and a sand flea, and popcorn eaters in the cinema. But what bothers him the most is people’s ability to have discussions without listening to each other… Feeling betrayed by the world, our Belgian Joker embarks on a vengeful Odyssey, accompanied by his big eared pink demon. Arno Pluquet, a regular at the festival since 2016, takes on the brutality of an individualistic and aggressive society. Time and again, his unmistakable touch shows his unconditional love for cinema.

Year 2020
Director Arno Pluquet
Cast Joseph Pirsoul,
Frédéric Hofman,
Hugues Hausman & Catherine Jandrain
Distributor Oliar Films
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 101'
Country Belgium
Audio French
Subtitles EN, NL
Premiere World Premiere
Production Oliar Films