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The legend of the stardust


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Aspiring filmmakers, never give up! Who knows, maybe one day your obscure first movie will be rediscovered and released with a director’s cut. That’s what happened to Macoto Tezuka (the son of legendary manga artist Osamu Tezuka). For his first feature, Macoto went about things in rather unorthodox fashion: he started out with a soundtrack and then invented a flimsy plot to go along with it. The Stardust Brothers, the musical duo from the title, explain how they went from zeroes to heroes and back again. The result looks like a mix of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and a stream of campy music videos in pure 80s style. Also watch out for the young Kiyoshi Kurosawa (who would go on to direct BIFFF faves BEFORE WE VANISH, REAL, and CHARISMA) in a bit part. More than 30 years later, you finally get your chance to see this digitally restored cult classic!

Year 1985
Director Macoto Tezuka
Cast Kan Takagi,
Kiyohiko Ozaki,
Kyoko Togawa,
Shingo Kubota
Distributor Third Window Films
Genre(s) black comedy , camp , cult
Audience CNA
Running time 100'
Country Japan
Audio O.V. Japanese
Subtitles English
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Competition(s) none