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When you’re born in a car, your dad runs a taxi company and you have a mechanical genius as an uncle, you’re destined for the car business. But Uno possesses more than a natural affinity for our holy cow on wheels. He can talk with them. As a kid, it’s great fun to have a best friend who smells like diesel, but when his mother gets killed in an accident with his talking cab, Uno loses his gift. Years later, the local authorities use ecological concerns as a thin money grabbing excuse to ban all vehicles older than 15 years from the streets. Poverty and unemployment rates skyrocket. All those abandoned cars by the side of the road are screaming in despair and Uno can hear them again. With the help of his uncle, he transforms the rust buckets into futuristic talking monsters to get back at the powers that be. Director Renata Pinheiro delights us with a completely unique features that criticizes the many shortcomings of our consumer society and visualizes the tension between ecology and industry in a surreal sexual way.

Year 2021
Director Renata Pinheiro
Cast Matheus Nachtergaele,
Luciano Pedro Junior,
Jules Elting,
Clara Pinheiro & Tavinho Teixeira
Distributor Reel Suspects
Genre(s) science-fiction
Audience CNA
Running time 99'
Country Brazil
Audio Portuguese
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
World Sales
Competition(s) White Raven Competition