Cine 3 - 18/04/19 - 20:00

Short International - Poster


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Boy’s Club / Troy Dewinne /9 min / USA / 2018

A deteriorating sex addict spots a sex doll outside of his underground apocalypse bunker.

XYX / Daniel Chamorro / 10 min / Spain / 2017

One woman sews and sews, against an impossible enemy. XYX are the melted chromosomes, the fighting scissors,
the crosses that deny you, the dead eyes of one destiny… But If you look carefully, there is a gap in the window, a light that guides.

On the other side / Zulma Rouge / 12 min / France / 2018

Eugène is dependent on software capable of generating a continuous flow of dreams. With the assistance of a machine
to which he connects himself and which draws inspiration from the consumer’s environment, our protagonist progressively becomes
submerged by a routine brightened only by the composition of his increasingly crazy and limitless dreams.

Big Pig / Alexandre Eloy / 16 min / Belgium / 2018

In a country torn apart by social disparity. Joseph and his band of misfits will try to rescue Tania, a young babysitter wrongfully imprisoned by corrupted authorities.

Getting Off Early / Noah Ambrose / 3 min / Estonia / 2018

Ramon is about to wish he had stayed at work today.

Anna / Kurt R. Yochum / 10 min / USA /2019

A young woman risks her sanity in a battle of the minds against a mysterious and evil presence and her imprisoned boyfriend.
Anna must keep control of the situation or jeopardize the fate of those she loves and herself.

Medium / Juan Falco / 13 min / Argentina / 2018

Through a medium, a family tries to contact their recently deceased father to reveal where he hid the money, whose secret was taken to the grave.

Here There Be Monster / Drew MacDonald / 14 min / Australia / 2018

We all have Monsters to fight

NYET! / Jörg Tittel / 11 min / United Kingdom / 2018

A Brexit UK Border Farce. When Boris and Olga arrive at the port of Dover with precious cargo,
the British authorities will uncover truths hidden – quite literally – within our protagonists.

Chowboys / Astron 6 / 9 min / Canada / 2018

Three idiot cowboys are lost in the woods on the coldest night of the year without any food.

What do dragons see in girls like me / Gerard Mates / 15 min / Mexico / 2018

Once upon a time a knight and a princess… with lots of followers.


Audience CNA
Running time 122'
Audio O.V.
Subtitles English