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A Zoom movies that exploits the covid working-from-home wave? An opportunistic marketing product? Well, for the sake of our craft, we took a look: six friends who, during last summer’s lockdown, decide to hold a séance via Zoom to kill time (among other things). And guess what? The flick blew our socks off! Director Rob Savage takes a hyper topical subject as his starting point, but carries it to unexpected realms of terror: a sudden sound, a fleeting shadow, the familiar “something lurks there in the background” and a couple of “look out, behind you!”. HOST was shot in 12 weeks and – in the words of an English journalist – is the BLAIR WITCH of the Covid era. But more than a mere gimmick, it is proof once again that sincerity pays off. If you are a genre movie fan like Rob Savage, you want your audience to get their money’s worth. And you won’t be disappointed!

Year 2020
Director Rob Sauvage
Cast Haley Bishop,
Jemma Moore,
Emma Louise Webb,
Radina Drandova & Caroline Ward
Distributor Cineart
Genre(s) horror
Audience CNA
Running time 65'
Country UK
Audio English
Subtitles FR & NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Shadowhouse Films
World Sales Shudder
Competition(s) European Méliès Competition