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At a young age Jun gets recruited in a top secret training program and grows out to be the ultimate lethal weapon of the Korean government. Capable to solve two Sudoku’s – you know, expert level – and neutralize a dozen terrorists at the same time, this alpha male is the incarnation of quick and efficient justice. If it wouldn’t have been for Jun’ lifelong dream of becoming a comic book writer… His bosses aren’t exactly thrilled imagining their local Rambo drawing cartoons, so Jun fakes his own death. Fifteen years later and with a new identity, Jun is now a failed comic writer incapable of supporting his family, who don’t have a clue about his past. One night after one too many glasses of soju, Jun draws from his secret agent experience to write a new comic on the web. The good news: it’s an instant massive hit, finally! The bad news: with all these classified secrets out in the open, his old bosses can’t wait to pay him a little visit. Same goes for his arch enemy, whose face Jun back in the day unfortunately scorched while poking out one of his eyes… In the mood for a feel-good movie without any nasty viruses? Here’s what you need: a hilarious version of TRUE LIES charged with manga intermezzo’s à la KILL BILL and combats worthy of THE RAID! The quintessence of quality entertainment!

Year 2020
Director Won-sub Choi
Cast Sang-woo Kwon,
Jun-ho Jeoung
Distributor Lotte Entertainment
Genre(s) action, comedy
Audience CNA
Running time 110'
Country South Korea
Audio Korean
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Premiere Belgian Premiere
Production Verygoodstudio
World Sales