Cine 1 - 02/09/2022 - 16:30


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Remember your intergalactic hangover the morning after the last “real” BIFFF edition to date ended, way back in what must’ve been 2019? Yeah, our memories are a little vague too, but it seems eons ago, a more innocent time when the only masks we wore in public were Jason’s and Michael Myer’s. Anyway, remember the agony you were in that morning after, multiply by about a thousand and you’ll approach the mental state of Mr. Peter Perg, a veteran of World War I who, after fighting bravely for the fatherland, heads home. But home is no longer what he fought for. He left to battle in the name of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Herr Kaiser Franz Joseph I, and after defeat returns to a drab Republic of Austria that seems unconcerned with morals and patriotic ideals. To make matters even worse, there’s a sadistic serial killer on the loose who has a thing for war veterans and gruesome torture techniques… After COLD HELL (BIFFF 2017), Stefan Rutowzky returns with a gritty mystery thriller all in shades of black and gray, with mind-blowing set design by digital art director Oleg Prodeus. Vienna is recreated through the lens of Perg’s anxiety and emotional turmoil, creating a distorted, disproportional city that deliberately harkens back to German expressionistic paintings and films such as THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARY (1920).

Year 2021
Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
Cast Murathan Muslu,
Max Von Der Groeben,
Liv Lisa Fries & Marc Limpach
Distributor Beta Cinema GmbH
Genre(s) serial killer, thriller
Audience ENA
Running time 99'
Country Austria / Luxembourg, Belgium
Audio German
Subtitles EN / FR / NL
Premiere Belgian
Production FreibeuterFilm Austria / Amour Fou Luxembourg
World Sales Beta Cinema GmbH
Competition(s) European