Hail Satan?


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Yup, a documentary on Satanism. Immediately images flash before our eyes of a metalhead who opens beers with his teeth and sacrifices black goats with The Grateful Dead playing backwards in the background. We condescendingly expected a sort of exotic, somewhat amusing curiosity, something provocative, gratuitous and a bit silly. And you know what? To the devil with our prejudices! Give in to Penny Lane’s mindboggling documentary:  founded in 2013, the Satanic Temple is not out to turn your children’s innocent little souls to Evil but wants to ideologically counterbalance Christian hegemony. As a symbol of freedom of speech and as a libertarian alternative to the limits of a unique and (sometimes) backward God. Satanism is for a harsh separation of Church and State and is openly blasphemous in order to deconstruct, without losing their sense of humor, the lies and contradictions of a ‘totalitarian’ Christianity. And that’s how, in a way, Satanism is the only truly humane belief. Does that statement hurt your God-fearing souls? That’s fine. Know that since we watched this documentary we’ve become zealous Satanists. That’s no provocation, simply common sense: hail Satan!

Year 2019
Director Penny Lane
Cast Lucien Greaves,
 Jex Blackmore,
 Malcom Jarry ,
Jason Rapert
Distributor Magnolia Pictures
Genre(s) documentary
Running time 94'
Country USA
Audio English
Subtitles EN, FR, NL
Production Hard Working Movies
World Sales