European Short Films Melies Competition 2021 – Part 2


European Short Films Melies Competition

From France to Finland, from Spain to Estonia and from the UK to Switzerland, our European short film competition illustrates once more the bountiful variety in productions from our continent. And it shows in the represented genres: werewolves, time travel, dystopias, westerns… Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed.

Les curiosités du mal

Victor Trifilieff / 23’ / France / 2021 / Cast : Jason Illien, Nicolas Foray, Ava Baya / Contact : Love Lasso Films


Thoughts as dark as a night in the woods.



Adrian Perez / 12’ / Switzerland / 2020 / Cast : Pascale Sauteur, Markus Amrein / Contact : Adrian Perez

A magical place in the mountains is said to have healing powers, but only if you believe in them.



 Juho Fossi / 15’ / Finland / 2020 / Cast : Heikki Ranta, Anna Böhm / Contact : Juho Fossi


Alex is left alone for the weekend to renovate a room for his and his wife’s unborn child. Soon, a baby monitor starts to play him horrifying sounds about his future failures as a father.


Lucía Forner Segarra / 18’ / Spain / 2020 / Cast : Thais Blume, Niko Verona / Contact : Yaq Distribucion

After being attacked one night, Diana decides that something must change.


S.A.D. – The Movie

Guilherme Gehr / 9’ / Italy / 2020 / Contact : Red Couch Pictures


A kid creates space adventures with his toys. As summer break arrives, he travels with his parents to the Scottish highlands, but a storm puts his imagination to the test, and his fate will depend on it.


Iván Sáinz-Pardo / 9’ / Spain / 2020 / Cast : Román Relles, Claudia Bouza, Myrian Marine / Contact : Selected Films

A love story in the times of programmed obsolescence


The Last Marriage

Gustav Egerstedt & Johan Tappert / 16’ / Sweden / 2020 / Cast : Emma Molin, Christopher Wagelin / Contact : Gustav Egerstedt

A comedy about how everyday life continues even after the global zombie apocalypse has struck.