European Short Films Melies Competition 2021 – Part 1


European Short Films Melies Competition

From France to Finland, from Spain to Estonia and from the UK to Switzerland, our European short film competition illustrates once more the bountiful variety in productions from our continent. And it shows in the represented genres: werewolves, time travel, dystopias, westerns… Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed.

See You In an Hour

Markus Virpiö / 13’ / Finland / 2020 / Cast : Julia Lappalainen, Santeri Helinheimo Mäntylä, Petteri Pennilä / Contact : Johanna Tarvainen


Un autre tour, une autre chance.


Sins of a Werewolf

David Prendeville / 22’ / Ireland / 2020 / Cast : Paul Kennedy, Lalor Roddy, Elva Trill


When a seasoned parish priest is bitten by a mysterious animal, he begins transforming into a werewolf every full moon.



Alice Barsby / 15’ / France / 2020 / Cast : Finnegan Oldfield, Julie Maes, Jean-Michel Balthazar / Contact : Alice Barsby


On Christmas Day in a near future, a young man meets his parents at their apartment near the sea, while outside a gigantic tide is starting to rise and threatens to submerge everything.



Kaspar Ainelo / 19’ / Estonia / 2021 / Cast : Indrek Sammul, Inderk Taalmaa, Markus Habakukk / Contact : Kaspar Ainelo


When truth goes missing, lies start to grow, leaving no room for miracles to be born. An ode to post-truth world.



Jasper de Bruin / 14’ / The Netherlands / 2020 / Cast : Nina Fokker, William Dashwood, Johan Vanderpol / Contact : Make my way


Night shifts can be killing.

Who Goes There ?

Astrid Thorvalds / 24’ / UK / 2020 / Cast : Nina Yndis, Siri Meland, Rikké Haughem, Liam Mcmahon / Contact : National Film & Television School

Minnesota 1880: The trust of three Norwegian sisters is tested when a stranger appears on their prairie. When the eldest invites him in to heal her dying sister, she doesn’t realise that a supernatural force is crossing her threshold.

Heart of Gold

Simon Filliot / 13’ / France / 2020 / Contact : Jpl Films

The gradual alienation of a mother, forced to sell her organs to a dying old lady to support her son.