Eat my shorts 5

Cine 3 - 18/04/2020 - 20:30


Festival 2020 cancelled.

EAT MY SHORTS 5 (International Short Films)

We conclude this 38th BIFFF with the comeback of two directors who were with us last year: Zulma Rouge and the Adam Boys. Because they strike gold (again) with their cool new movies!


Nic Loreti / 13’ / Argentina / 2019 / Cast : Demian Salomon, Diego Cremonesi / Contact : Otto Films / International Premiere

Two dumb guys. One kidnapping. All fucked up.

Laura Hasn’t Slept

Parker Finn / 11’ / United States / 2019 / Cast : Caitlin Stasey, Lew Temple/ Contact : Parker Finn / International Premiere

Desperate to rid herself of a recurring nightmare, a young woman seeks the help of her therapist.

Behind the hole

Seoyoung Shin / 25’ / South Korea / 2019 / Cast : Kim Jae-hyun, Jeong Sooji / Contact : Central Park / Belgian Premiere

Mr. Park is crazy for the illegal filming at the women’s toilet. One day he finds his hidden camera set in the toilet disappeared. After that, the matchup with a female intern, who has suffered from the illegal filming, begins.

We Met Online

Adam Boys / 7’ / Australia / 2020 / Cast : Te Manava Syme Buchanan, Mia O’reilly, Kaily Smith / Contact : Adam Boys / World Premiere

The online dating culture is a rich catalogue of people with short attention spans. As people become increasingly discriminate and dismissive, one should be careful who they overlook.

Dépression saisonnière (Seasonal Depression)

Yohann Thiou / 8’ / Canada / 2018 / Cast : Vanessa Larose, Mathieu Lorain Dignard, Carmen Sylvestre / Contact : Yohann Thiou  / European Premiere

Elisa doesn’t want to go out. Vincent does not hear it that way.

Mask of Sanity

Fran Casanova / 20’ / Spain / 2018 / Cast : Paola Bontempi, Rubén Tobías / Contact : Fran Casanova / Belgian Premiere

Elizabeth Grese, a renowned writer for her bestseller “The Killer of the Polaroid”, is locked up by a man who will not reveal his identity until the end of the story.

Fait Maison (Homemade)

Zulma Rouge / 7’ / France / 2019 / Cast : Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Emmanuelle Bougerol, Yannik Mazzilli / Contact : Capricci / Belgian Premiere

In a deep countryside, a family of farmers round their end of the month in a very special way.


Corey Mayne / 15’ / Canada / 2019 / Cast : Kelsi Mayne, Adrian Jaworski / Contact : Corey Mayne / Belgian Premiere

Two lost souls. Separated by a random act of violence. Must find their way back to find each other before time runs out.

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